GPE 31551 Heavy Duty Edge Guide Sensor

 GPE comes with over 70 years of engineering know-how and innovative design experience. Combining the latest advances in High-Tech research and development with years of field-proven experience, you are assured of a top-quality, reliable, and durable system capable of withstanding even the harshest of environments. This is a standard established for all of the equipment sold within the L&J Technologies family of products. Every product is designed and manufactured to last.

Modern process lines contain hundreds of feet of strip moving at high line speeds through narrow roll faces to be wound on enormous coils. Only the most accurate, automatic guiding system can protect such a mill against the product damage and process downtime caused when the strip runs off the rolls. Built for long life under the toughest possible working conditions, they’re backed up by a large service organization. GPE benefits from years of unparalleled strip guide leadership. Their continued top performance is assured by the broadest, deepest knowledge of strip guiding experience anywhere in the world.

The Model 31551 Heavy Duty Edge Guide Sensor is specifically designed for heavy-duty strip guiding applications, where maximum versatility is required. The sensor consists of two sturdy cast steel housings that are mounted separately, providing greater installation flexibility. One housing contains the photocell and is available in two options, either photoresistive (cadmium sulfide) or photovoltaic (silicon solar cell). The other housing contains the light source.

The improved optical system of Model 31551 allows for lamp and photocell housings to be spaced up to 144 inches apart. This provides maximum physical protection.

The Model 31551 Edge Guide Sensor is intended to be used with the GPE Model 33130D Digital Controller or GPE 33130 Analog Webguide Controller, which provides the operating signal for GPE’s Electro-hydraulic or Powerpulse type controllers. The Electronic Controller provides for three control modes, such as Proportional Speed Floating, Predictive Position Feedback, or Two Speed Floating. In addition, signals are acceptable for center guide operation when two sensors are used.

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  • High Sensitivity: Detects better than .005″ of lateral strip displacement
  • Versatility: Sensor provides a signal for Electrohydraulic or Powerpulse Controller. Photocell and lamp housings can be mounted up to 144 inches apart. Electronic Controller provides for choice of three control modes and choice of edge or center guide operation
  • Reliability: Photocell and lamp operate at low voltage for increased life
  • Rugged Construction: Heavy-duty cast steel housings can withstand vibrations and impact from the strip.
  • Simple Adjustments: Requires only gain and bias adjustments to match line process requirements.


  • Lamp Input:
    11 VDC, 1 amp max. supplied by Model 33130D Digital Controller or Model 13610 Power pulse Controller. Temperature + 10ºF to 130ºF
    22 VAC, 1 amp max. supplied by Model 33130D Digital Controller for Centerguide applications.
  • Output:
    Photoresistive to Model 33130D Digital Controller or Model 33130 Analog Webguide Controller
    Photovoltaic to Model 13610 Powerpulse Controller or Model 33130D Digital Controller or 33130 Analog Controller. Sensor Gap 4” minimum to 6’ maximum when fluorescent lamp source is used. 0-180 microamps, typical short circuit current at 6’ gap.
  • Resolution: Infinite
  • Temperature: + 10ºF to 130ºF
  • Sensitivity: Full correction speed with .005” of lateral strip displacement when used in a typical GPE Control System.
  • Construction: Case semi-steel
  • Weight: 13 Ibs. per housing
  • Sensor Gap:
    - 4” minimum to 6’ maximum when fluorescent lamp source is used.
    - 4” minimum to 12’ maximum when standard lamp housing is used.
    - 14” fixed gap when standard housings are used with accessory mounting bar

Download Datasheet: GPE 31551 Heavy Duty Edge Guide Sensor