Habia Cable

Habia Cable is a custom design and production partner for specialized cable and connectivity needs all over the world. Founded in Sweden in 1941, Habia is today one of the most trusted names for tailor-made cable solutions in the telecom, offshore, industry, defense, and nuclear power sectors.

In its markets, Habia is one of Europe's leading wire and cable manufacturers with a global presence and customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. We offer:
  • High-performance cables and harnesses for demanding applications
  • Direct contact with knowledgeable sales staff and design engineers
  • The ability to develop customized solutions that fulfill unique requirements
  • Flexible manufacturing, low minimum order quantities, and short lead times
  • Quality systems that meet the most stringent requirements

Habia has production facilities with Customer Centres in Sweden, Germany, Poland, and China. The majority of sales are made to end customers through our own sales organization which is present in 12 countries in Europe and Asia. Other markets in Europe, Asia, and North America are supported by agents and distributors.

In 2019, we were 650 employees and had a turnover of 973 million SEK (approx 92 million EUR).

Habia Cable is 100% owned by the Swedish industrial holding company Beijer Alma, which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Habia Product memliki beberapa jenis Cables :

Custom cables :

At Habia we specialize in the design and manufacture of high-performance custom cables and cable systems for extreme environments and demanding applications. 

Cable systems :

Our interconnect teams are experts in the design and manufacture of cable assemblies and harnesses for demanding environments.

Water-blocking cables :

Our cable designs are fully water blocked, meaning the complete cross-section may be subject to water pressure. The designs have been tested and exposed to water pressure up to 45 bars and among other specifications qualified in accordance with the longitudinal water blocking test in VG 95218 part 2.

Coaxial cables :

We offer an extensive range of coaxial cable types that can maintain high-performance levels in any environment, no matter how challenging. Our coaxial range includes RG, low-noise, and sub-miniature coaxial cables – each with its own unique benefits and properties.

Reformable coaxial cables - Flexiform :

Flexiform is a flexible, reformable alternative to traditional semi-rigid coaxial cables. Operating at frequencies up to 18 GHz, where high performance and flexibility are required, Flexiform is the ideal microwave coaxial cable solution.

Multibend :

A truly flexible alternative to traditional semi-rigid coaxial cables, Multibend offers very nearly the same performance as it's sister-product: Flexiform, with the added benefit of not being limited to four or five flexes.

Speedflex :

The Speedflex coaxial cable range is engineered to provide a halogen-free (Low Smoke Zero Halogen - LSZH) option to the highly popular industry-standard RG Style coaxes.

Speedfoam :

The Speedfoam coaxial cable range fulfills some of the most demanding RF interconnect specifications; combining a low-loss dielectric with exceptional levels of screening effectiveness in a product that is engineered to provide a halogen free (Low Smoke Zero Halogen - LSZH) solution.

Fire-resistant cables and wires - Habiaflame :

Our fire-resistant cables and wires are intended for use in extreme environments where high temperature and mechanical resistance are critical.

Referensi : https://www.habia.com/product-overview/waterblocking-cables/