Heavy Duty Connector, Weidmuller-Connector

Currently, heavy-duty connectors are used wherever there is a need for a secure, simple, and time-saving assembly of machinery and facilities. The connector housings are made of die-cast aluminum and offer excellent protection against dirt, moisture, and mechanical stress. Special modular connectors make it possible to integrate signals, power supply, and data connections into a single connector. With the RockStar® heavy-duty connectors, Weidmüller offers a product line with many patented innovations that are oriented towards the future. The RockStar® product line defines new standards with the comprehensive depth and width of its features. What other suppliers offer only as a custom configuration, Weidmüller supplies in its standard product line. As a result, selecting the proper connector is now easier than ever. You save both time and money. And your workflow is optimized. Thus you can strengthen your position on the market and leverage your competitive advantage

Be it automobile manufacturing, electricity production, or water management - hardly any of today’s industries can do without electronics and electrical connectivity. In this internationalized, technologically changing world, the complexity of requirements is rapidly increasing due to the emergence of new markets. New, more varied challenges have to be overcome, and the solutions to them will not be found in high-tech products alone. Connectivity is the key, whether it involves power, signals, and data, demands and solutions, or theory and practice. Industrial Connectivity needs connections. And that’s precisely what we stand for.

Expertise in automation and connectivity - networked all over the world: our experienced engineers near you can resolve the problems you encounter every day by working with you. You can benefit from comprehensive consulting and engineering support from professional advisors as well as from our engineering software Weidmüller Configurator.

With the same professional skills, we realize your engineering physically. Whether it is a printed marker, an assembled and terminated cable, a complete assembled enclosure, or a Configure-to-Order-assembled terminal-rail.

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