Jain Xonic 100P Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

 Xonic 100P Ultrasonic Flow meter is a fully digitalized, easy-to-use portable flowmeter with only 2.4 kg weight. The Xonic 100P connectors are a submersible design that can be used under harsh environmental conditions including rain and sunlight. The basic model has two pairs of transducer connectors for dual-path or dual channels. The Xonic 100P uses patent finetimeTM DSP technology to measure virtually any type of liquid with less than 30% solids or bubbles, such as clean water, wastewater, crude oil, etc.

Feature :

  • Waterproof Model
  • Rugged Case, IP65
  • Clamp-On, Transit-Time
  • 1 path, dual path, or 2 channel function
  • 24 hours of battery operation
  • IP65 Connectors
  • Submersible IP68 Transducers
  • Touch Key programming + Remocon
  • Large Color LCD Display
  • Pulse Output
  • Analog Output
  • RS-232C Communication
  • Datalogging Function
  • Weight 2.4Kg

Application :

  • As Standard Flowmeter: Xonic 100P can be used to check the performance of field flowmeters. The Xonic 100P can be used to compare field flowmeters' performance.

  • As Field Flowmeter: The Xonic 100P is a portable device to spot-check various flow installations for virtually any liquids of up to 30% solids or bubbles.

Specification :

General :


Pipe size from DN20 - 6000mm

Measuring Principle

Transit-Time, Anti-Round


Municipal Water, Waste Water, Block Flow Monitoring,
Strong Acid, Solvent, Milk, Deni-Water, Oil, Sea Water, Cool,
and Hot Water, Liquids containing Heavy Slurry and Air, etc

Transducer Type

Submersible, IP68, Temp. range: -40 ~ 120 ºC

Air/Slurries Contains

30% Max


Analog Output

One 4-20mA for flow rate

Relays Output

One Relay for total or alarm

Required Straight Pipe Run

10D upstream, 5D downstream, single path
7D upstream, 3D Downstream, dual path


Color Graphic LCD Display  ( Flowrate: 4.5 digits, Total: 12 digits) Flowrate, Velocity, Total (POS, NEG, NET), Input Data(AI), Delta T, Ultrasonic Signal Shape, Frequency

Sound Speed Tracking

Automatic Sound Speed Tracking

Time Average Set



32 Mbytes (more than 1,000,000 points Datalogging)



Electronic :


IP67 Rainproof

Flow Velocity

+/- 0.02 ~ 20m/sec

Turn Down Ratio



+/- 1.0% single path (over 0.02 m/s)
+/- 0.5% dual path (over 0.02 m/s)


24-hour operation with rechargeable battery (power adapter is AC85-264V)

Operation Temperature

-20 ~ +60 ºC

Transducer :


Submersible, IP68

Operation Temperature

-40 ~ +120 ºC


RG-62A/U, standard 6meter, max 200meter

Download Brochure: Xonic 100P Ultrasonic Portable Flow Meter