Valcom Sanitary Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter VSD4 series

Valcom VSD4 Pressure Trasmitter

VSD4 Can be specified within the range of 50 kPa to 1000 kPa of rated capacity. It's suitable combine by batch control/PID Controller which need pulse output 4-20mA

  • Determines differential pressure by computing the outputs from two pressure sensors.
  • Output 4-20mA (2 wire system) scaling function.
  • Chooses from One output (Only the output of difference pressure) and Two output (The output of difference pressure + The Output of low-pressure side)
  • Pressure port with higher strength.
  • Safe and reliable construction with no sealed liquid.
  • Standard functions
    • Display switch (Differential pressure, High pressure, Low pressure)
    • Damping
    • Loop check function
    • FIX zero
    • Zero shift
    • Maximum/Minimum monitoring function
    • Setting output status at error
    • Key lock function


Display7 segment 4-digit LCD display Character height: Approx. 12.7mm
Display range Approx. 3.5 times/sec.
Accuracy at room temperature(*1)
(Including Nonlinearity, Hysteresis, and repeatability)
Differential pressureScaling in 20–100%R.C.: ±0.7%F.S.±1digit.
Scaling in 10–20%R.C.: ±1.4%F.S.±1digit.
Low pressure2 outputScaling in 20–100%R.C.: ±0.5%F.S.±1digit.
Scaling in 10–20%R.C.: ±1%F.S.±1digit.
1 output
(Without analog output)
High pressure
(Without analog output)
Temperature compensation range (Sensor assembly)-5–150°C (Measurement pressure medium)
Safe temperature range (Sensor assembly)-5–150°C (Measurement pressure medium)
Temperature effect on zero balance±0.6%R.C./10°C or less (Rated 300kPa, 500kPa, 1000kPa)
±0.7%R.C./10°C or less (Rated 50kPa, 100kPa, 200kPa)
Temperature effect on load±0.6%R.C./10°C or less (Rated 300kPa, 500kPa, 1000kPa)
±0.7%R.C./10°C or less (Rated 50kPa, 100kPa, 200kPa)
Ambient temperature and humidity range0–50°C (No condensation or freezing)
MaterialCase part: Aluminum die casting,
Front sheet part: PET
Radiating fin and adapter part: SUS304
IP RatingEquivalent to IP67
MassApprox. 670g
AccessoriesOperating manual 1 copy, Test report 1 copy, Cable gland
Brackets for exclusive use of the PP type
U character bolt for brackets for exclusive use of the PP type
Hexagon nut for PP type fixation
  • (*1)For the ferrule type, zero adjustments is to be made after the clamp is tightened.

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