KEPmeter Inductive Proximity Sensors D Series


  • CE Approved
  • Low Cost
  • Non-Contact Sensing of Any Metal
  • No Magnets Needed
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Shock Resistant

The D Series comes in three sizes, all in the easy flush mount type. Both NPN (sinking) or PNP (sourcing) types are available. They sense any conductive metal surface within the range of their sensing coils. They do not require a magnetic target and are perfect for our ratemeters and counters. An LED indicator lights during activation.



 (8mm Diameter)(12mm Diameter)(18mm Diameter)
NPN Type (SINK)#D08N#D12N#D18N
PNP Type (SOURCE)#D08P#D12P#D18P
Scanning PrincipleInductiveInductiveInductive
Mounting TypeFlushFlushFlush
Switch FunctionCloser (N.O.)Closer (N.O.)Closer (N.O.)
Switch Range; Steel1mm ±10% STD2mm ±10% STD5mm + 10% STD
Temperature Range-25°to +70°C- 25°to + 70°C-25° to +70°C
Protection ClassNEMA 4 / IP67NEMA 4 / IP67NEMA 4 / IP67
Housing DiameterM8x1M12x1M18x1
Housing MaterialStainless StealChrome Plated BrassChrome Plated Brass
Cable2m, 3 x 0.14mm22m, 3 x 0.14mm22m, 3 x 0.14mm2
Supply10-30 VDC10-30 VDC10-30 VDC
Feed Current~8 mA~8 mA~8 mA
Switch Current1mA; Max. drop 0.7 V1mA; Max. drop 0.7 V1mA; Max. drop 0.7 V
Switch Current100 mA; Max. drop 3 V100 mA; Max. drop 3 V100 mA; Max. drop 3 V
Frequency2 kHz2 kHz1 kHz
Hysteresis, % of Range< +15%< +15%< ±15%
Function IndicatorLED in BodyLED in BodyLED in Body


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