KEPmeter KEPtrol R/T (KRT)


KEPmeter KEPtrol R/T (KRT)

8 Digit Flow Rate & Flow Totalizer

The KEPtrol R/T (KRT) ratemeter-totalizer can accept up to 20,000 pulses per second. The analog input version accepts inputs, such as 4 to 20mA or 1 to 5V. The standard KEPtrol R/T has two separate, 8 digit, floating decimal, “K” factors to convert the inputs to meaningful total and rate data.

An optional 16 point K-factor can linearize flow from meter outputs. The user, with the push of a button, can toggle back and forth to view the total, the rate of flow and the grand total count. Two control outputs can be assigned independently by the user to activate at preset limit of total, rate or grand total.


  • Pulse or Analog Input Ordering Options
  • Display Total, Rate or Grand Total
  • Two Alarm Outputs,
  • User Selectable for Total, Rate or Grand Total
  • Pulse Input to 20 kHz Count Frequency
  • K-Factor Programmable to 8 Places
  • Password Protection
  • Two Way RS232/422 Communications Option
  • NEMA 4X/IP 65 Front Panel
  • Scalable Analog Output of Rate or Total (optional)
  • 16 Point Linearization Option