KEPmeter SUPERtrol-I (ST1)


KEPmeter SUPERtrol-I (ST1)



The SUPERtrol-I (ST1) Flow Computer offers advanced batching features for all types of flow batching systems. The ST1 is compatible with a variety of flowmeter types in liquid applications. Multiple flow equations and instrument functions are available in a single unit with many advanced features.
The isolated analog output can be chosen to follow volume flow, corrected volume flow, mass flow, temperature, or density by means of a menu selection. Most hardware features are assignable by this method.
The user can assign the standard RS-232 Serial Port for data logging, transaction printing, or for connection to a modem for remote meter reading.


  • “EZ Setup” Guided Setup for First Time Users
  • Rate/Total and Batching Functions
  • Menu Selectable Hardware & Software Features
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Report Generation
  • Universal Viscosity Curve (UVC) and API Eq.
  • Batch Controller with Advanced Batching Features including: Overrun Compensation, Autobatch Start, Print End of Batch,
    Slow Fill, 2 Stage Batching
  • Two Line LCD, OLED or VFD Display
  • Isolated Outputs Standard
  • RS-232 Port Standard, Modbus RTU RS-485 Optional
  • Advanced Printing Capabilities
  • Windows™ Setup Software
  • DIN Enclosure with Two Piece Connectors
  • On Board Data Logging
  • DDE Server & HMI Software Available
  • Enhanced Modem Features for Remote Metering