Kofloc 2600 All-Teflon Constant Flow Control Valve

This constant flow valve has been developed for the control of water and chemical flows. It maintains liquid flows constant against fluctuations of both primary and secondary pressures.

Feature :

  • Outstanding control of liquid flows at a constant rate
    A valve composed of high-precision components ensures smooth control of flows.
  • Not affected by pressure variations
    Flows are maintained at a constant rate against fluctuations of both primary and secondary pressures.
  • Non-metal material (PTFE) used for the wetted part
    This resin (PTFE) is perfect for a part apt to be easily damaged by metal ions.
  • Small flows from 100-500 ml/min are controllable. Minute flows are also controllable optionally.
  • Model 2600, all-Teflon type, is compatible with practically all chemicals thanks to the use of a Perfluoro O-ring. (There are some operating conditions to be met according to the type of chemical. Be sure to contact us for information before placing your purchase order.)
  • Bubblers (air bubble purge taps) are provided in the upper/lower diaphragm chambers. Air bubble purge at the initial flow setting stage of operation provides the most accurate possible control.

Application :

  • Ultrapure water analyzers
  • Environmental instrumentation systems; food/chemical industry equipment
  • Ultrapure water and chemical mixing systems

Specification :


Model 2600-T


Liquids (Mainly H2O)

Flow rating
Control accuracy

100-500 ML/MIN 0.1-1 L/MIN

Within ±3% of the set value

Operating differential pressure

0.1 MPa or more

Operating pressure

0.1-0.5 MPa

Proof pressure


Materials of parts exposed to fluids

fluorocarbon resin, Perfluoro

Max. operating temperature


Connection end

Rc 1/4

Download Datasheet: Kofloc 2600 Control Valve

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