Kofloc EX-700 Digital Mass Flow Meter with Display


EXE-FLOWTM was commercialized “Exact measurement” and “Excellent function as a concept. This is covered from a small flow rate (F.S.10sccm) to a large flow rate (F.S.200slm) and the 11 flow ranges are ready as s standard stock.


  • Lower cost model with newly developed high-grade sensor
  • Compact and lightweight、24CDC drive.
  • RS485 communication is the standard spec.
  • Compliant to RoHS and CE marked.
  • Easy operation with indicator.
    • Instant and totalized flow rate indication
    • Change of gas type
    • Conversion factor setting
    • Upper or lower alarm setting
    • Change of the unit of flow range, etc.
  • Accurate flow measurement and Excellent function
  • Full scale 10sccm to 200SLM
  • 11 Range standard stock for fast delivery
  • Single power supply connection

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Sensor typeThermal (EX sensor)
Flow range(N2)10 /50 /100 /500SCCM  1 /5 /10 /20SLM50 /100 /200SLM
Applicable gases(*1)N2(Air, H2, He, Ar, O2, CO2, and C.F.)N2(Air, Ar, and C.F.)
Responsewithin 2sec
Accuracy(*2)± 1.0%F.S. (25℃ )± 1.5%F.S.(25℃ )
Temperature coefficient± 0.2%F.S./℃ (15 ~ 35℃ )  ※ 200SLM ± 0.4%F.S./℃
Repeatability± 0.2%F.S.
Proof pressure980 k Pa(G)
Working Temp.5 ~ 50℃
Allowable storage temp.-10 ~ 60℃
Materials of a gas contact partSUS316, SUS316L, PTFE, FKM (optional NBR,CRP)
Electrical connectionDC power plug and D-sub 9 pin male
Digital communicationRS485(MODBUS protocol, RTU mode)
Required power supply (DC)24VDC( ± 10%) 100mA
Joint1/4F900 (standard)3/8F900 (standard)
Needle valve (option)MODEL2412MODEL2412D
SignalEvent output2 x NPN open collector output, integrating pulse output (Maximum rating DC30V 50mA)
Flow output(*3)① 4 ~ 20mA   ② 0 ~ 5V   ③ 1 ~ 5V
WeightApprox. 600g (without fittings)Approx. 700g (without fittings)

Datasheet: KOFLOC EX-700 Digital Mass Flow Meter