Load sensor Mechatronics Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system

Mechatronics Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system

Remote axle load control and cargo weight calculation are highly demanded features of GPS tracking systems. We developed Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system which provides features:

  • Individual axle load measurement for truck and trailer.
  • Cargo load calculation.
  • Axle overload alarm.
  • Show axle load and cargo weight on the driver’s display.
  • Transmit axle load and cargo weight values to the GPS tracking system. The Eurosens Difference system consists of several parts:

1. Sensors Air spring suspension – Eurosens DPS,  Leaf spring suspension – Eurosens DDS Also you can use any sensors with analog (voltage) output: vehicle sensors, strain gauges, load cells, pressure sensors, etc.

2. Electronic unit Eurosens Difference-T (-T2, -T4)

  • Process voltage signal from one load sensor (Difference-T), from 2 sensors (Difference-T2), and from 4 sensors (Difference-T4).
  • Stores the parameters (dimensions and weight) of the truck or trailer (where it's installed).
  • Stores the calibration data.
  • Transmits sensor signal to the digital message in RS485 interface with its address.
3. Eurosens Display RS

  • Receives information about axle loads from the Difference-T controllers.
  • Determines the weight of the cargo based on the mass dimensions of the tractor or semitrailer truck.
  • Displaying of the axle load and weight of the cargo on the special indicator in the driver’s cab.
  •  Warning of exceeding the permissible load on one of the axles.
  • Output to RS485 interface of cargo weight.

Eurosens Difference system supports various configurations of lifting axles, pneumatic suspension schemes, and trailers

Sensor placement and address can be configured with special service software Eurosens Difference configurator.