Lorric FU-TX 310 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

FU-TX 310 is a product of Taiwan, Non-invasive design, no downtime for installation, no pipe cutting, maintenance at any time, significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs. Tube installation-zero tube damage, no blockage, no leakage and pressure problems.


  • Pipe installation - No downtime / No pipe cut / No water leakage / No blocking
    • Maintenance at any time, greatly reducing installation and maintenance costs. No damage, no blockage, no leakage or
      pressure problems.
  • A universal power adapter attached to the device can be directly connected to the general power supply, plug, and play.
  • Easy to install. For bidirectional flow measurement, no need to consider liquid flow during installation. Patented trigger technology increases the ability of anti-interference. Optional water-resistant probes.
  • Patented guide rails for probes provide quick install, precise positioning, and long-term stable measurement.


  • Energy-saving monitoring
  • Water-saving management
  • Industrial us
  • Tap water, cool water, hot water, raw water, seawater, beverages, oil, and other liquid.
  • Power plants (nuclear power, fire, water)

Baca Juga :


Installation methodTube clamps
Measurement principleTime differential
Flow rate range±0.1~20m/s
Measurement accuracy< ±2 %
Response time< 1 second
Resolution0.0001 m/s
Wired communication

Analog output 4-20mA

Modbus RS485 Two-line


Probe-to-host distance

TM-1: 10 meters (Up to 20 meters)

TS-2 10 meters

Temperature measurement Two sets of external PT1000
Temperature range-100~300°C with 0.1°C resolution
Device working temperature-25~70°C
Applicable fluidClean water, oil or chemical with minor impurities
Wall temperatureStandard probe:0~80°C
High-temperature probe:0~150°C
Power consumption< 2W
Transient flowInstantaneous flow, flow velocity, time differential display
Cumulative flowPositive and negative cumulative, net flow display
UnitsMetric or English units
Display128 x 64 LCD backlight display
Operation button4 touch button
SecurityKeyboard lock, power-loss data protection
ShellABS plastic, 145 x 90 x 45 mm
100-240 50 / 60Hz AC transformer
Applicable pipe materialCast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC pipe and other
Applicable pipe diameter (mm)TM-1 DN50-250 (2"~10")
TS-2 DN20-50 (¾" to 2")
Probe waterproof ratingGeneral probe IP61
Glue probe IP65
Waterproof resistance probe IP68