Magnetrol Atlas™ Magnetic Level Indicator


Magnetrol Atlas™ Magnetic Level Indicator

Magnetically coupled liquid level indicators, or MLIs, are in widespread use throughout process industries. Originally designed as an alternative to sight and gauge glass devices, the MLI is now commonly used in both new construction and plant expansion. Magnetic level indicators are precision engineered and manufactured to indicate liquid level accurately, reliably, and continuously. These units are completely sealed and require no periodic maintenance. MLIs also eliminate vapour or liquid emission problems common with sight and gauge glasses.

To complement these products, a complete range of level switches and transmitters is available. Combinations using Jupiter® (magnetostrictive technology) are also possible. The Atlas™ is our standard high-performance magnetic level indicator. Atlas is a single chamber design with either a 2”, 2 1/2”, or 3” chamber diameter, as required by the application. There are several configuration styles including top mount models. Consult factory for choices not listed in this bulletin.

Magnetrol Atlas™ Magnetic Level Indicator | Descriptions

ATLAS MLIs are produced in a wide range of materials, including exotic alloys and plastics. We also offer the most complete selection of process connection types and sizes in the industry.

ATLAS can be equipped with a variety of level transmitters and switches as well as flag and shuttle indicators with or without stainless steel scales. This enables the ATLAS to be a complete level and monitoring control.

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  • Numerous chamber styles (or configurations) are available for each design. Consult factory for choices not listed in this bulletin
  • Complete range of level switches and level transmitters.
  • Fabricated, non-magnetic chamber assembly produced in a wide range of metal and plastic materials
  • A wide range of process connections is available
  • Precision manufactured float with internal magnets and magnetic flux ring
  • ASME and EN 1092-1 process connections available
  • Flag or shuttle type indicator with stainless steel scale to measure height or percentage of level
  • Standard float stop springs at top and bottom of chamber
  • Exceptional code qualified welding


  • Design: Single chamber
  • Materials of construction
    • Chamber Metal alloys: see selection table digit 5
    • Rail & window:
      • 316 stainless steel (reveal™) rail with polycarbonate window
      • Aluminium rail with polycarbonate or glass window
    • Float 316 stainless steel and titanium (exotic alloys available); varies depending on process conditions
  • Construction options: ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, ASME code Stamp [U, Um, S], PED and NACE
  • Approvals: Industrial, Industrial PED: ATEX II 1 G c T6 (non-electrical equipment)
  • Certified material test report (CMTR): Available upon request
  • Pressure class ratings:
    • ASME 150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#
    • EN PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63, PN100, PN160, PN250, PN320
  • Process connection sizes:
    • 1/2" to 6"
    • DN 15 to DN 150
  • Process connection types: Refer to page 12 for detail
  • Measuring range: 30 cm to 1524 cm (12" to 600")
  • Temperature range: -196 °C to +538 °C (-320 °F to +1000 °F)
  • Pressure range: Full vacuum to 310 bar (4500 psi)
  • Specific gravity range: Min 0,25
  • Visual Indicators:
    • Magnetically actuated flag assembly in contrasting orange/black, yellow/black,
    • red/white colours, or high visibility shuttle follower (custom colours available)
  • REVEAL™ flag assembly seal: Vacuum and sealed with double D-ring & InstaSeal™ valve
  • REVEAL™ visual indicator Visible from 60 m (200')
  • Aluminum visual indicator: Visible from 30 m (100')
  • Scale options: Etched stainless steel with either height or percentage units (custom markings available)
  • Switch options:
    • Electric microswitch
    • Electric reed switch
  • Transmitter options:
    • Model JM4 Jupiter magnetostrictive (refer to Magnetrol bulletin: BE 46-148)
    • Analog reed chain transmitter
  • High temperature options: Electric or steam tracing with or without special high temperature insulation
  • High temperature insulation: Fibreglass material
  • Low temperature options: Cryogenic insulation with special polymeric frost extension


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