McCROMETER Dura Mag Electromagnetic Flow Meter



The Dura Mag™ battery powered electromagnetic flow meter represents McCrometer's latest innovation in our commitment to advancing solutions for managing water. Whether you're a district manager looking for a solution for multiple points of water measurement, an irrigator, grower or owner operator looking for just a few points of collecting water data, or a municipal facility looking for a flanged mag meter that is durable and accurate, the Dura Mag is an ideal solution for nearly any water manager. With a five-year battery life (and three-year battery warranty), the Dura Mag eliminates the need for AC power connection, and provides the easiest installation available on the market for a flanged mag flow meter. In addition, the Dura Mag comes equipped with an internal datalogger with 5 years of data storage to ensure you always have access to your historical data. The Dura Mag also has several telemetry-ready output options, and the converter settings are USB port accessible which eliminates accidental setting changes.

Dura Mag is available to fit a common range of line sizes, from 4” to 12” diameter pipe, and offers accuracy of +/- 1% with only 2D of upstream and 1D of downstream straight pipe required for most installations. To purchase online, see below for the most common Dura Mag options; or contact your local dealer or call the factory if you need additional options such as pulse or 4-20mA output, DC Power (10-32v), or data logger with more frequent interval.

DuraMag also has a wafer style extension of the product line to include 2 and 3”, same great Dura Mag benefits, in a smaller line size.


Key Features

  • 5-year meter warranty
  • 5-year battery warranty
  • Lifetime liner guarantee
  • Upstream/downstream requirements:
    2” & 3”: 3D/1D
    4” & larger: 2D/1D
  • Battery powered for easy installation – eliminate the hassle of cables or AC power
  • Durable design – Proven in tough environments
  • 10 minute DIY replaceable battery pack, keeps your meter running
  • Made in the USA

Key Applications - Agriculture

  • Irrigation
  • Center Pivot Systems
  • Well Monitoring
  • Water Distribution
  • Dairy Lagoons
  • Surface Water
  • Chemigation
  • Downstream
  • Golf Course & Park
  • Management
  • Sandy Water

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Pipe Sizes

  • 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”


  • ± 1% or ± 0.075% of standard full scale

Pipe Run Requirements

  • 2” & 3” : 3D upstream / 1D downstream
  • 4” and larger : 2D upstream / 1D downstream


  • 2-Line LCD display (no backlight), 16 characters per line
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Anti-reverse totalizer (standard)
  • Total (to 9 digits of precision)
  • Flow Rate and Velocity (to 5 digits of precision)
  • Two alarms : low battery and empty pipe Note: To preserve battery life a button on the front of
  • the converter activates the display


  • Battery Standard : tthree 3.6V lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCI2) D size batteries. Batteries are field replaceable
  • DC Power : Linear power supply 10-35VDC, 2.4W


  • Meter : 5 year warranty
  • Battery Pack : 5 year warranty
  • Liner : Lifetime guarantee


  • Pulse Output : Digital pulse (open collector) output for volumetric and/or alarm
  • Analog Output : 4-20mA (not galvanically separated from the power supply). DC powered option only.

Data Storage

  • Data logger (standard with all models), minimum of five years of data stored


  • Operating Temperature : -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)
  • Storage Temperature : -40° to 149°F (-40° to 65°C)

Converter Enclosure

  • IP67

Electrical Connections

  • Optional quick connect for easy installation

Pressure Rating

  • 150 psi

Options and Accessories

  • Two alarms: low battery and empty pipe
  • Data logger cable (sold separately)
  • DC power w/battery backup
  • Pulse & 4 20mA output
  • Annual verification / calibration

Unit Rate Scales

  • seconds, minutes, hours, days

*All Dura Mag meters are calibrated in a NIST traceable gravimetric test stand with a minimum straight run of 10D upstream and 2D downstream. A calibration certification report is provided with each Dura Mag meter certifying the specification accuracy in our laboratory test. Alternative piping configurations or electrical environments may impact the performance of the meter in the field.

Download Datasheet : McCROMETER Dura Mag Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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