Mechatronics Eurosens Delta Fuel Flow Meters

Eurosens Delta Fuel Flow Meters

Mechatronics Eurosens Delta Fuel Flow Meters

Differential fuel flowmeter Eurosens Delta is used to measure the fuel consumption of diesel engine. Most engines have supply and return line. To obtain fuel consumption of engine it is necessary to measure both fuel flows and  calculate the difference. This task looks not easy but with Eurosens Delta you can receive accurate results immediately after the installation without any calibration.


Mechatronics Eurosens Delta Fuel Flow Meters

  • High-precision measurement
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Strong electronic circuit protection
  • Sealed automobile connector on sensor body
  • Indication lights provide easy understanding of device state

In what cases a differential fuel flowmeter is the best choice for fuel consumption monitoring  – you can read there. Of course, Delta flow meters can be used in other applications too. In comparison with fuel level sensors, fuel flowmeters are much better in credibility of the results, that are independent of fuel composition, tank form and operating conditions.

It is very a important issue – fuel monitoring system must be accurate and thrustworthy otherwise it is useless. Delta flow meters have a wide list of modifications, you can see them at SPECIFICATION tab. Eurosens Delta advantages for installers

  • Special free diagnostic software
  • Software function of flow direction reverse
  • Smart software processing of fuel flow pulses allows to avoid use of check valves. It mimimize hydraulic resistance of system and very important factor.
  • High quality of measuring chambers
  • Warranty term – 3 years, without limitation of passed flow.
  • You can use specially designed Deaerator device to remove air from fuel system.

Note: Differential method of measurement does high demands to flow meter precision. It is because flow rates in supply and return line usually are much bigger than engine fuel consumption. For example, for John Deere tractor , at idling in fuel supply line – 200 liters/hour, in return line – 197 liters/hour. Engine consumption – 3 liters/hour. That means that for adequate result at idling we need to measure both fuel flows with precision no more than 0.3%.

Moreover, temperature expansion of fuel (0.7% per every 10 Celsius degrees) add extra error to differential measurement, because temperature of fuel coming to engine and returning to tank is differ. That means, you can’t use idea of 2 separate flometers without good precision and temperature correction. Fuel flow meters Delta are made from hard aluminium alloy, measuring chambers have antifriction coating, in both measuring chambers fuel temperature sensor is installed. Each manufactured flowmeter is pre-calibrated for differential application.

Thereby Delta flowmeters can provide accurate results in any mode of engine operation. Unlike some other manufacturers, Delta flowmeter warranty is not limited by passed flow. 3 year without flow limitations.


Connecting threadM14x1, 5
Max pressure2.5 MPa
Power voltage, V10 – 50
Reverse polarity protectionYes
Temperature range,°C-40 – +85
Maximum flow rate in l/h *500
Output interfacepulses, RS232, RS485, K-Line, CAN
Seal ratingIP 67
        • * In each of the measuring chamber

Digit index means maximum fuel rate in each measuring chamber. It is a main parameter to choose suitable flow meter. Note: engine fuel consumption – it is only part of fuel rate in supply and return fuel flow.

Flow meter modelQ start, liters/hourQ min, liters/hourQ nom, liters/hourQ max, liters/hour  Pulses per literError*
Delta PN 1000,5150100200± 1.2%
Delta PN 2500,52125250100± 1.2%
Delta PN 5001,0525050050± 1.5%
Delta PN 100 I0,5150100200± 1.2%
Delta PN 250 I0,52125250100± 1.2%
Delta PN 500 I1,0525050050± 1.5%
Delta PN A 100 I0,5150100200± 1.2%
Delta PN A 250 I0,52125250100± 1.2%
Delta PN A 500 I1,0525050050± 1.5%
Delta RS 1000,5150100200± 1.2%
Delta RS 2500,52125250100± 1.2%
Delta RS 5001,0525050050± 1.5%
Delta RS 100 I0,5150100200± 1.2%
Delta RS 250 I0,52125250100± 1.2%
Delta RS 500 I1,0525050050± 1.5%
Delta CAN 1000,5150100200± 1.2%
Delta CAN 2500,52125250100± 1.2%
Delta CAN 5001,0525050050± 1.5%
Delta CAN 100 I0,5150100200± 1.2%
Delta CAN 250 I0,52125250100± 1.2%
Delta CAN 500 I1,0525050050± 1.5%

Q start  – flow rate when fuel meter starts to measure Q min , Q max – Min and Max flow rate for range with declared precision РN – Pulse output RS – Serial interfaces RS-232/RS-485 CAN – CAN bus  interface SAE J1939 I – build-in LED display, 9-digit А – built-in long-life battery * Error calculated for fuel supply/consumption values   (Liters/hour)  : serie 100 – 45/10 ; serie 250 – 90/20; serie 500 – 160/30.


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