MEMFlo™ Flocorp-MFTV

MEMFlo™ Flocorp-MFTV

MEMFlo™, Flocorp-MFTV | Volumetric VA Flow Meter

The MEMFlo™ MFTV Metal Bodied Flow Meters with Clear Top are simple, accurate, meters for use in a wide range of industrial liquid and gas applications. These meters have an excellent tolerance to suspended solids and measure flow to one percent accuracy. Unlike tapered tube rotameters, MFTV flow meters have an indicator disk in close proximity to the edge of the sight tube for visibility even in many dirty fluids. These meters can be supplied with the MFT2™ 2-Wire Flow Transmitters for flow rate and total.

Features and Benefits

  • Tough, simple, & accurate meters for water, oils, coolants, compressed gases, lubricants, mild slurries & other general industrial
  • Excellent tolerance to suspended
  • Extended flow ranges averaging 30 to
  • Disassembles in less than a minute without removing the meter from the
  • Good readability even in dirty
  • T-316 stainless bodies & internals, with polysulfone measuring
  • No springs, cams, or seals to wear
  • Standard 1/2” to 4” female NPT connections or optional flanges. Pipe adapters may be used for other sizes without affecting
  • Flows to 500 GPM liquids or 5750 SCFM
  • 360º rotation of scale. Special scales for other units or fluids & multiple scaling
  • Options include MFT2 2-Wire Flow Transmitter, alarms, pressure gauge oxygen cleaning, and panel mounts.
  • Optional 600 PSIG
  • Economically


MEMFlo™ MFTV Metal Bodied flow meters are patented variable area flow meters using the volumetric principle of flow measurement. These meters consist of five main parts including the body/measuring tube, core tube, float assembly, scale, and pitot tube. The meter is not a glass tapered tube, rather the media enters the meter vertically at the bottom inlet port and flows upward into the core tube. Then the media flows horizontally through the core tube slot and exits the meter through the side outlet port. During this process, the media lifts the float assembly in the core tube in direct proportion to the rate of flow. The slotted core tube design gives the meter an excellent tolerance to suspended solids and there are no springs, cams, or dynamic seals to wear out.

The polysulfone measuring tube displays flow rate by reading the sight disc on top of the float assembly. The optional MFT2™ Flow Transmitter has an analog 4-20mA or 0-5, 0-10 VDC output to a remote display, PLC, Recorder, or another customer-supplied receiver.

Using a simple and rugged design, the MEMFlo Metal Bodied Flow Meters with Clear Top measure to 1% accuracy.


Accuracy± 1% of 100% flow rate Temperature Rating

Up to 300ºF (pressure ratings decrease

at higher temperatures).




1/2” to 1½”: +/- 1/4% of indicated flow rate 2” to 4”: +/- 1/2% of indicated flow rate 



Buna N standard; Viton, Ethylene- Propylene (EPR), Silicone, Neoprene, Kalrez and Teflon optional. 
Rangeability30 to 1 average 




1/2” to 2” Small Body: T-316 Stainless


2” to 4” Large Body: Zinc Phosphate, Xylan 1052 coated steel with all stainless internals






Standard direct reading (GPM or LPM Liquid, Sp. Gr. = 1.00 or SCFM Dry Air @ 100 psig, 70ºF.) or percentage scale. Special scales for other flow units or media conditions, or mylar scales for corrosive environments are available at extra cost. 


Pressure Rating


Up to 300 PSIG

*Optional 600 PSIG



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