Merry Hand Cutting Plier

 Merry Hand tool | Merry Cutting Plier | Wire Nipper

Merry Tools is the authorized distributor for the specialized Japanese manufacturer Muromoto Tekko of work tools and pneumatic tools, with a history of 9W0 years.

We are offering a product that answers customers' needs by making good use of efficient mechanical equipment and the inspection machine.

In addition, we also obtained ISO9001 in the work tool sector and the motto of "honest and caring heart" which supports your business with high-quality products as well as reasonable prices and delivery times.

1. Merry 1050: JIS Standart Side Cutting Pliers

2. Merry 1050H: JIS Standart Side Cutting Pliers

3. Merry 1050H: High Leverage Side Cutting Pliers

4. Merry 2060: Hugh Leverage with Crimping & Stripping hole

5. Merry 2060U: VA Cutting Pliers with Crimping die

6. Merry 2080: Slim side Cutting Pliers with Stripping hole

7. Merry 6050: Side Cutting Pliers with Crimping & Stripping hole

8. Merry XP200: Side Cutting Pliers for Electrical work

9. Merry 8050: Center Cutting Pliers

10. Merry 2070: High Leverage Side Cutting Pliers

11. Merry 105: Long nose side Cutting ( Spring loaded, JIS standard )

12. Merry 105H: Long nose side Cutting ( Spring loaded, JIS standard )

13. Merry 105: Long nose side Cutting ( Spring loaded ) 

14. Merry 105F: Flat nose Pliers ( Spring loaded )

15. Merry 2500: Duckbill Pliers

16. Merry 2500R: Long reach needle nose Pliers

17. Merry 2500T: Nail Pliers removing Nail on Tires Tool

18. Merry V75: Heavy Duty Semi-long nose Pliers
19. Merry ZA185: Screw Pliers

*If pictures look the same, products differ in features, dimensions, or weights

Merry Hand Cutting Plier

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