Posital Fraba IXARC Magnetic Rotary Encorders


Magnetic rotary encoders determine angular position using magnetic field sensor technology. A permanent magnet α fixed to the encoder’s shaft creates a magnetic field that is sampled by a sensor β that generates an accurate absolute position reading.

Signal Processing is the Key to High Performance :

The technological leap that pushes POSITAL’s IXARC magnetic encoders to the performance level of optical systems is based on a new generation of sensor systems. The combination of a custom Hall-effect sensor and complex signal processing algorithms running on a powerful 32-bit microprocessor results in a considerably improved resolution and accuracy, along with latency times of only a few microseconds. POSITAL has also implemented an incremental interface and can now offer a complete range of encoder solutions.

Multiturn Innovation :

POSITAL can also provide absolute multiturn measurements using a revolution counter system that uses an energy harvesting system based on the Wiegand effect. This system requires no gears or batteries. Eliminating batteries brings about many advantages. Batteries have a limited lifespan, weigh a lot, and often contain harmful substances. Gear units have disadvantages of their own being large, complex, costly, and vulnerable to shock and vibration.

Regardless of the rotational speed, even at near-zero, the energy harvesting system generates short, powerful voltage pulses, sufficient to power the counting electronics. The result is a revolution counter that is independent of any external power supply. This technology, which has proven itself since 2005, enables maintenance-free reliable measurement of absolute positions, even in demanding environments, for years to come.

Advantages of Magnetic Encoders :

  • Robust and Durable
  • Mechanically Simple and Economical − No Battery, No Gear
  • Compact Design for Installation in Small Spaces

Specification :

Sensor :



Accuracy (INL)

±0.0878° (≤ 12 bit)

Duty Cycle

180° ± 27° (Speed > 100RPM)

Phase Angle

90° ± 14° (Speed > 100RPM)

Interface :


Programmable Incremental

Programming Functions

PPR (1-16384), Output, Counting Direction

Configuration Tool

UBIFAST Configuration Tool (Version ≥ 1.6.3)

Outputs :

Output Driver

Push-Pull (HTL)

Output Voltage High-Level Push-Pull (HTL)

> 4 V @ 4.75-9 V Supply Voltage
> V-3 V @ 9-30 V Supply Voltage

Output Voltage Low-Level Push-Pull (HTL)

< 0.5 V

Output Voltage High-Level RS422 (TTL)

> 4 V

Output Voltage Low Level RS422 (TTL)

< 0.5 V

Maximum Frequency Response

1 MHz

Maximum Switching Current

50 mA per Channel

Electrical Data :

Supply Voltage

4.75 – 30 VDC

Current Consumption

≤140mA @ 5V DC, ≤70mA @ 10V DC, ≤40mA @ 24V DC

Power Consumption

≤ 1.0 W

Start-Up Time

< 1 s

Min. Load Resistance

120 Ω

Reverse Polarity Protection


Short Circuit Protection


EMC: Emitted Interference

DIN EN 61000-6-4

EMC: Noise Immunity

DIN EN 61000-6-2


280 years @ 40 °C

Environmental Specifications :

Protection Class (Shaft)


Protection Class (Housing)


Operating Temperature

-30 °C fixed (-22 °F), -5 °C flexible (+23 °F) - +70 °C (+158 °F)


98% RH, no condensation

Download Datasheet: Posital Fraba UCD-IPH00-XXXXX-ATS0-CAW