Riko Fiber optic and Proximity Sensors

 Riko sensor is a sensor brand produced by RiKO OPTO-ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

The type of sensor produced by Riko sensors is
  • Fiber Optics Sensor 
  • Photo Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Capacity Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • General Purpose Compacted Area Sensor
  • Accessories
Riko Fiber optic and Proximity Sensors

Riko Sensor has been committed to offering the highest quality and best products solving our customers' needs for industrial automation from the beginning. Through aggressive R&D and the introduction of new products, Riko Sensor has become a leading manufacturer for the global market. Our brand, Riko has had an excellent reputation for developing and supplying reliable products around the world. Customers also benefit from our wide range of services.


Riko sensor Product

Fiber Sensor

  • BR Series Digital Fiber Amplifier
  • FZ1 Series Fiber Amplifier
  • Fiber Built with lens
    • Reflective Type (PR)
    • Thrubeam Type (PT)
  • Bending Resistance Fiber Optic
    • Bending Resistance Fiber Type (PR)
    • Bending Resistance Fiber Type (PT
  • Reflective Plastic fiber Optics
  • Glass Fiber
  • Light Guide
  • Silica Fiber Optics

Riko Photo Sensor

  • Long Sensing Range Photo Sensor
  • T-style Photo Sensor
  • Tubular Photo Sensor
  • Miniature Photo Sensor
  • U-shape Photo Sensor
  • Micro Photo Sensor
  • Laser Sensors

Riko Proximity Sensor

  • Tubular Inductive Proximity Sensor
  • Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • KND02│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • KND02-C│DC 2-wire│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • JN02│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • JN02│DC two-wire system│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • JND02│DC two-wire system│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • JN04│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • JND04│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • JN04│DC two-wire system│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • JM02│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • JMD02│(N.O. N.C.))│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • JM04│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • JMD04│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • PN05│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • PN05│DC 2-wire│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • PN10│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • PN15│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • PN20│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • PN25│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • PND04│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • PND16│(N.O. N.C.)│Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • SND04 │Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • SN10 │Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • SN18 │Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • SN28│Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • SN20 │Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • RN04│(N.O. N.C.)│Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor
    • RN05│(N.O. N.C.)│Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor
  • Inductive Ring Sensor
  • Capacitive Proximity Sensor

Riko Ultrasonic Sensor

  • RU18-DU40 Riko Ultrasonic Sensor
  • RU18-DU90 Riko Ultrasonic Sensor
  • RU18-DU160 Riko Ultrasonic Sensor
  • RU18-DU200 Riko Ultrasonic Sensor

General Purpose Compacted Area Sensor ( Safety Sensor )

  • ASP-100 Riko Area Sensor
  • ASP-1008 Riko Area Sensor
  • ASP-2008 Riko Area Sensor
  • ASP-2016 Riko Area Sensor
  • AOP-4008 Riko Area Sensor
  • ASP-2024 Riko Area Sensor
  • ASP-2032 Riko Area Sensor
  • ASP-4004 Riko Area Sensor
  • ASP-4008 Riko Area Sensor
  • ASP-4012 Riko Area Sensor
  • ASP-4016 Riko Area Sensor
  • ASP-4024 Riko Area Sensor
  • ASP-4036 Riko Area Sensor
  • OAP-2008 Riko Ultra slim Area Sensor
  • OAP-2016 Riko Ultra slim Area Sensor
  • OAP-4004 Riko Ultra slim Area Sensor