Seametrics DO2 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with Integrated Datalogging


  • Measures and records dissolved oxygen and temperature internally
  • Modbus® RTU (RS485)
  • 260,000+ record non-volatile memory — no data loss in the event of a power failure
  • Programmable warm-up time
  • The sensor does not require water movement, flow, or frequent cleaning
  • Does not require frequent calibration
  • 1.66″ diameter—fits easily in 2-inch wells
  • Measures dissolved oxygen and temperature
  • Fluorescence sensor technology
  • No membranes, fill solutions, replacement caps, or cartridges required
  • Includes new Aqua4Plus control software for setting up flexible recording sequences, retrieving data, monitoring real-time data, and viewing collected data

Seametrics DO2 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with Integrated Datalogging

Seametrics’ DO2 Smart Sensor is the next generation in trouble-free oxygen sensing design.

Utilizing fluorescence of a stable, immobilized ruthenium-based film matrix, the sensor provides precision optical transmission and detection to measure oxygen concentration in the fluid outside of the sensor.

Equipped with integrated datalogger and Aqua4Plus software, this sensor provides convenient, high-quality data to the user.


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  • Dam discharge monitoring aquaculture
  • Leachate monitoring (Landfill)
  • Long-term surface water monitoring
  • Monitoring remediation performance
  • Municipal and industrial water treatment facilities



Probe Diameter1.66” (4.22 cm)
Tube MaterialAcetal & 316 stainless steel
or titanium
Probe MaterialEpoxy, polyurethane, and PVC
Wire Seal MaterialFluoropolymer and PTFE
Submersible CablePolyurethane, polyethylene,
or ETFE available
Terminating ConnectorAvailable
CommunicationRS485 Modbus® RTU
Direct Modbus Read Output32-bit IEEE floating-point
Internal Math32-bit floating-point
Direct Modbus
Read Output
32-bit IEEE floating-point
Internal Math32-bit floating-point
Operating Temp. Range0° C to 55° C
Storage Temp. Range¹-40° C to 80° C


Memory260,000+ records
Log TypesVariable, user-defined, logarithmic,
Baud Rate
9600, 19200, 38400
Logging Rate8x/sec maximum
SoftwareComplimentary Aqua4Plus and Aqua4Plus Lite
Networking32 available addresses per junction
w/ batching capabilities (up to 255)
File Formats.csv / .a4d


External Power
Pack Required
9–16 Vdc

Seametrics Power Pack described below.
Other power options are available.
Contact Seametrics for details


Measuring Range0–25 ppm
Accuracy1% of reading or 0.02 ppm
— whichever is greater
Sensitivity / Resolution0.01 ppm below 4.00,
0.1 ppm above 4.0
Stability0.01 ppm
Repeatability0.01 ppm
Sensor DriftLess than 1% per year
Temperature Range0° C to 55° C
Response Time95% in less than 60 seconds
Maximum Pressure100 psi

1 Storage without batterie

NOTE: Specification can changes,
please contact us to for more info