Our technology and know-how as a lubricating system manufacturer, backed by full experiences are applied to other products.

Our continuous research and development helps us deliver excellent products and services.

"Continue to walk" is our SHOWA's power.

As placing importance on technologies and know-how which we have cultivated, we aims at making more sophisticated products step by step, but not by over jumping.

We will advance a consistent system including development, manufacture, and sales and furthermore step up to comply with various needs.


1. Oil Lubrication System 
    - Voulumetric - Motorized Pump Units
       a. MLA※W Pressure Displacing Motor Pump
       b. MLB※W Pressure Displacing Motor Pump
       c.LCB3 Lubrication Unit
       d.LCB3 (TMS) Lubrication Unit
       e. LCB4 Lubrication Unit
       f. LCB5 Lubrication Unit
       g. LAW Hand Pump

    - Volumetric Distributor 
       a. DPB Dester Plunger
       b. DSA, DSB Dester Block
       c. DPB20L Dester Plunger (Visual Indicator)
       d. DS Dester Block (Compact + Indicator)

    - Resistance-Motorized pump units
       a.  MLA Continuous Motor Pump
       b. MLC Continuous Motor Pump
       c. MLD Continuous Motor Pump
       d. LITER UNIT (MLA, MLC, MLD) Continuous Lubrication Unit
       e. YMAS Cycle Pump

    - Resistance-Distributors
      b. CONTINUOUS UNITS (Grease System Compatible)
      c. VA, VB Dester Valve

    - Oil air unit/divider

    - Sprayer 

    - Piping Parts
      a. Piping Components, Dester Uni
      b. FHS, FHC, FSC Flexible Hoses
      c. PIPES & TUBES Metal & Polymer Tubes

    - Tanks
       a. TD Bottom Mount Welded Steel Tanks
       b. TY Side Mount Welded Steel Tanks

    -  Acessories
       a. OLV Float Switch
       b. SW※N Terminal Box
       c. LF01,LF0150 Line Filter
       d. LF0101,LF0151 Line Filter
       e. LFY Line Filter

2. Grease Lubrication System 
    - Equipment for proceding system
      a. Motorized Greese Pump GPM
      b. Motorized sign Pump MHG4
      c. Motorized sign Pump MHG7
      d. Manual Grease Pump GPH
      e. Manual Sign Pump SHG
      f. Dester G SG2
      g. Dester G SG6

    - Equipment for single lumen
      a. Motorized Greese Pump GPMW
      b. Manual Greese Pump GPHW
      c. Piston Distributor DG
      d. Junction Block GD

    - Piping parts
      a. Hose & Reusable Connectors GHA02
      b. Hose & Reusable Connectors GH02D GH02H GH02B

    - Acessories
      a. Monitoring Accessories UT30PS
      b. Monitoring Accessories DGE

    - Lubrication grease
      a. Special Lithium Complex Greese SLC1
      b. Multi-Purpose Lithium Greese SLI