Sonic GF-2500 Ultrasonic Gas and Steam Flow Meter


The renewal of 30 years supply record GF series gas flowmeter. Equipped with an ultrasonic thermometer, widescreen display, and multi-level output interface. Maximize the performance of GF-2500, control, and monitors any gas flow save energy and cost.

Feature :

  • Wide-screen LCD and various display functions
  • High noise tolerance design
  • No pressure loss
  • Various output port (analog x2, digital x1, contact x4)
  • Automatic pressure and temperature correction
  • Easy replacement with the compatibility of the existing sensors.
  • Wider measurement range

Specification :

Pipe :

  • Fluid Condition: Gas and Steam
  • Applicable pipe diameter: Nominal diameter 50mm ∼ 5000mm (*1)
  • Spool piece :
    • Pipe diameter: 50mm∼500mm (*2)
    • Flange: JIS10K standard (*3)
    • Material: SGP, STPG, SUS316, SPTY (*4)
  • Socket: Standard type :
    • Screw Type
    • Flange Type (Screw type with sensor)
    • Flange Type (Large sensor type)

Sensor Probe :

  • Sensor Probe :
    • Gas :

      Standard (Screw type)

      Large ( Flange Type)

      Nominal Diameter

      50mm10000mm (*5)






      -0.05Pa1MPa (0.510kgf/cm³)

      -0.05Pa1MPa (0.510kgf/cm³)

    • Steam: Standard (Flange type) 1MPa (10kgf/cm³) type
    • Custom (*6)
  • Seal :
    • Probe fittings: Combine with gas seal unit
    • Gas seal unit: Standard, steam, large, custom
    • Gas Seal Adaptor: instead of a gas seal unit (not used)
  • Installation Requirement :
    • Upstream side: 15D
    • Downstream side: 5D or more (D is inner diameter)
  • Cable: Distance from sensor probe to converter, 6m or 10 (standard)

Converter :

  • General :
    • Measuring method: Ultrasonic transit time flow meter
    • Chordal path: 1 path or 2 path (option)
    • Traverse: Z or V
    • Measurement compensation range: temperature ±25ºC, pressure ±30%
    • Accuracy : ±1.0% FS (flow velocity 5 ∼ 60m/s)
    • Reproducible: 0.2%
    • Flow velocity resolution: less than 0.5mm/s
    • Averaging: Default 10 sec (0.5∼180 sec variable)
    • Ultrasonic Thermometer: Measure temperature (in case of air) by ultrasonic transit time
    • Ambient temperature: -10 ∼ +50ºC
  • Power Supply :
    • Power supply: AC100V±10%, 50/60Hz, AC115V, 220V (option)
    • Surge protection: Built-in surge absorber
    • Power dissipation: Max.25W
  • Output :

    Analog output1

    Range: DC420mA,


    Over range: DC024mA


    Load resistance: Less than 1000Ω

    Analog output2

    reverse flow, temperature, pressure


    Range: DC420mA, isolated


    Over range: DC024mA


    Load resistance: Less than 1000Ω

    Pulse output1

    Integrated pulse


    Open collector standard 0V, 0.2A


    Pulse width: 1.6ms or 50ms

    Pulse output2

    Integrated pulse, alarm, normal and reverse flow, upper I and lower limb


    Open collector standard 30V, 0.2A

    Pulse output3

    Alarm, normal and reverse flow, upper I and lower limit


    Open collector standard 30V, 0.2A

    Pulse output4

    Alarm, normal and reverse flow, upper I and lower limit


    Open collector standard 30V, 0.2A

    Power supply for pressure and temperature

    DC24V +/-0.5V 0.2A

    Digital output

    RS422 x 1


    Temperature: DC4  20mA


    Pressure: DC420mA


    LCD: 128 x 240 dos LED back right


    Character: Alphanumeric, mathematical symbol (ex, +, -, Σ)


    Display content :

    Measurement display

    Instantaneous flow rate (analog1, 2)

    Input temperature, pressure, ultrasonic temperature meter

    It can display the content of 4 in all contents


    Configuration view: diameter, temperature, pressure, flow range


    Adjustment view: zero-point adjusting, change of time constant, low-cut

Catalog: GF-2500 ultrasonic gas flowmeter

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