Sonic LF-2000 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter


  • Clamp-on Type
  • Wide measurement rangeability
  • Compact design
  • Contamination free
  • Easy installation to existing pipe

Baca Juga :


Fluid condition / Applicable liquid: water, seawater

Turbidity: 10000ppm or less
Liquid temperature: -10 ∼ 60 ºC (must be not frozen)
No air bubbles and dust
No drift and swirl flow

Pipe condition / Nominal Diameter : 50∼6000mm

Pipe material: Steel, SUS, cast iron, PVC, FRP

Installation requirement : Upper stream side: 10D

Lower stream side: 5D or more
Upper steam pump or valve: more than 30D∼50D


Measurement method: Ultrasonic transit time method
Display : LCD (240x 128 dots, backlight)
Display content: Upper and lower limit alarms, Detection for received wave abnormality and range over.
Chordal path: 1path or 2path, 4path (option)
Accuracy: ±1%RD (velocity 0.8〜30m/s), ±0.8cm/s (velocity 0〜0.8m/s)
Dumping: 0∼120 sec (1-second steps)<
Flow rate range : Measurement range : 0∼±30m/s

Flow /Time unit: m³, L, ton, kg / h, m, sec
Range number: Maximum 4 ranges (normal/reverse flow every 2 ranges)
Range switch: Automatic or Manual

Current output: Output number : Contact x2

Signal : DC4-20mA
Load resistance 1kΩ or less

Contact output: Output number : Contact x6

Output Signal : Open  collector standard 30V, 0.25A
Output mode: normal for an integrated pulse, reverse integrated pulse, self-diagnosis

Integrated output : pulse width : 1∼200msec

Integrated unit: m³, L, ton, kg
Integrated rate: 0.01∼1000

Digital output: RS-232C, RS-422

Content: Instantaneous flow rate, integrated flow rate
Baud rate: 19200bps

Ambient temperature: -10∼ +60ºC
Humidity: less than 90%RH
Surge protection: Built-in surge absorber (VDD line, signal line)
Power consumption: less than 20VA
Structure : Waterproof type (IP67 equivalent)
Material : Aluminium alloy casting (AC4C)
Weight : Approximately 8.5 kg
Installation condition: The product must not be installed in places where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Sensor probe

Model: LFT-10: more than 300mm

LFT-20: less than 300mm

Installation method: V or Z
Cables length: Standard 5m (5C-2T cable equivalent)
Material: SCS13, Acryl
Ambient temperature: -20∼+60ºC
Structure: Waterproof type (IP67 equivalent)
Weight: LFT-10: Approx. 3.5kg

LFT-20: Approx. 1.5kg

Data sheets : LF-2000 Ultrasonic clamp on flow meter