Sonic SAT-600 Ultrasonic Anemometer 3-D


To measure wind velocity and direction at the fast response!

Sonic SAT-600 Ultrasonic Anemometer 3-D


  • Adopting a new sensor, improved environmental resistance performance.
  • 3-D measurement of horizontal and vertical wind speed(blowing up and down) is possible.
  • The measurement from 0 m/s to 60 m/s with high response and linearity.
  • Without moving part, free from damage under the strong wind condition.

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Observation Purpose

  • For environmental monitoring
  • To the low layer weather and a local meteorological observation
  • To the atmospheric diffusion observation
  • To the operations administrator of transportation


Measurement method:Time sharing transmission/reception switching
type ultrasonic pulse emission
Processing method :Ultrasonic propagation reciprocal difference
Measuring range:0 - 60 m/s (wind velocity)(Selectable from any
of 1,2,5,10,15,20,30,40,50,60m/s) 0 - 540゚ (wind direction)
Accuracy:±(3% of Reading value+0.05m/s) (wind velocity) ±3゚
(wind direction)
Output resolution :0.01m/s (wind velocity) 0.1゚(wind direction)
Sampling rate :4 times/sec.(Option: 10 times/sec . or 20
Digital output:RS-422(can output any element signal)
Analog output :0 – 20mA or 4 - 20mA(4CH) (Select any output
signal by 4 elements)
Output signal :

Momentary wind velocity(Ui)
Momentary wind direction(θi)
Momentary vertical wind velocity(Wi)
Momentary wind velocity(Xi, Yi)
Vector averaged wind velocity(Um)
Vector averaged wind direction(θm)
Averaged vertical wind velocity(Wm)
Scalar average wind velocity(Us) A
average wind velocity(Xm, Ym)
Average wind velocity of 3sec movement(U3)
Option (Sonic virtual temperature (T) *1)

*1: Available only for 10times/sec. or 20 times/sec. selected
Averaging time:1 - 15 min.(can be set at every minute)
Protection circuit:Overcurrent protection, Surge protection

  • Main material :Stainless
  • Painted color:Silver (equivalent to Munsell N8)
  • Temperature :- 20 ~+50°C
  • Humidity:10 ~ 95%RH
  • Power supply:DC24V 4W
  • Weight:Approx. 4.5kg
  • Digital output details :
    • Communication speed: 1200,2400,4800,9600,19200bps
    • Data length/8bit,
    • Parity/None,
    • Stop bit/1bit
    • >Output format/ASCII
    • Elements/Element of wind speed is output in CSV format
  • Option: Heater (Specifications: DC24V 60W with 50m cable)

Configuration Item

SAT anemometer/SAT-600 : 1unit
Accessory/Display & setting software :1set
Connection cable/JCS-20S(20m): 1pc.
Option unit

Power supply signal converter /SAT-PJBA
Surge protection device(Outdoor)/SAT- SPS
Surge protection device(Indoor)/SAT- S

Reference: Sonic SAT-600 Ultrasonic Anemometer 3-D