Tokyo Keiki UFH-100 Open Channel Ultrasonic Flowmeter

UFH-100 Open Channel Ultrasonic Flowmeter

UFH-100 flowmeter measures free surface flows of such fluids as...

Typical Applications 

・Supply water ・Agrigultural water
・River water ・Waste water
・process water ・industrial effluents

The TOKYO KEIKI UFH-100 ultrasonic flowmeter system for open channels employs the latest in ultrasonic and microwave technology. Utilizing our wealth of know-how and technical expertise, the UFH-100 system combines an ultrasonic flow rate meter with a microwave level gauge to provide accurate and stable flow measurements. It is applicable for liquids with free surfaces such as agricultural water, river water, wastewater, and industrial effluents.


Measurable liquidApplications: agricultural water, river water, process water, industrial effluents, etc.
Water temperature: 0~40℃ /Turbidity: ≤ 10000 mg/L (degree)
Measurement water channelWater channel width: 0.3~20m (circular water channels φ0.3~5m)
Needed channel straight run: standard - upstream ≥ 10B, downstream ≥ 5B
(B: water channel width, pipe diameter in case of circular water channel)
Measurement principleFlow: flow velocity x channel cross-sectional area (water level) computation method
Flow velocity: ultrasonic pulse transit time difference method
Water levels from existing or any 2-wire level gauge (DC 4~20mA can be utilized
Measurement rangeFlow: 0~full water level flowFlow velocity: 0~10m/sWater level: 0~10m
Output signalsFlow: 4~20 mA DC (allowable load resistance within 750Ω) with arrester element
Flow Pulse: Capacity AC 3~250V / DC 3~125V
Flow velocity: 4~20 mA DC (option: allowable load resistance within 750Ω)
Water level 4~20 mA DC (option: allowable load resistance within 750Ω)
AccuracyFlow     Forward flow: less than ±3% of the full scale
Reverse flow: not specified as it depends on channel structure
(+/- 10mm or better accuracy for level gauge required.)
Alarm relay outputWater level measurement failure, flow velocity measurement failure
Display16-digit x 16-digit LCD display (with backlight)
Flow value: max. 6 digits (incl. comma, decimal point)
Water level: max. 6 digits (incl. m unit, comma, and decimal point)
Flow velocity: max. 6 digits (including m/s unit, comma, and decimal point)
Operation status indication
Power sourceAC90V - 132V (50/60 ±2Hz)   Standard
AC180V - 250V (50/60 ±2Hz)   (Option)
Power consumptionAC100V approx. 30VA
AC240V approx. 40VA
Ambient temperature -10C degree ~ 50C degree
Ambient humidityLess than 90% RH (non-condensation)
Main unit configurationWall mount type IP5X (IEC60529 / dust proof)
WeightApprox. 10 kg (approx. 11 kg with ultrasonic water level gauge)