Ultra 4 Pulsar Non-contacting Ultrasonic Level Control and Flow Measurement

Ultra 4 Pulsar Non-contacting Ultrasonic Level Control and Flow Measurement

Ultra 4 offers the sophistication and advanced features of the rest of the Ultra range in a compact, cost effective package and useful new features that make it even easier to set up and fine-tune. Offering as the name suggests, four alarm or control relays (3 X SPCO isolated and 1 x SPNO solid state) and a multi-functional display while loosing none of the easy set up and configuration that has made the Ultra range the natural choice for non-contacting measurement world-wide.

Like the rest of Pulsar's 'transducer plus controller' ranges, Ultra 4 is compatiable with both dB ultrasonic and dBR radar transducers. Ultra 4 can be wither wall or fasica mounted and includes HART, Profibus and Modbus digital communications options and the convenience of on-board micro SD card slot for extended data logging. Like the rest of the Ultra range, Ultra 4 also offers built in volume calculations based on standard tank shapes as well as advanced pump control and open channel flow measurement functions.

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Mounting option:Standard Wall Mount:Fascia Mount:
Controller body dimensions:

150 x 130 x 63.5mm

(5.9 x 5.1 x 2.5”)

160 x 180 x 63mm

(6.3 x 7.07 x 2.5”)

Weight:Nominal 700gNominal 700g
Enclosure Material/Description:10 cable entries. 1 x M16, 5 x M20 underside, 4 x PG11 at rearPolycarbonate, flame resistant to UL94-V0
Cable Entry Detail:3 x M20 glands 
Transducer Cable Extensions:3-core Screened 
Maximum Separation:1000m, 500m for dBR16 and dBR8 


IP Rating:IP67/NEMA 4XIP64
Max. and Min. Temperature (electronics):-20 ºC to +45 ºC (-4 ºF to +113 ºF) 
Flammable atmosphere approval:Safe area: compatible with approved dB transducers 
UV Rating:UL746C F1 
CE Approval:See EU Declaration of Conformity 
UL Approval:UL61010-1 pending 


Accuracy:0.25% of the measured range or 6mm (whichever is greater) +/- 2mm for dBR16 mmWAVE RADAR
Resolution:0.1% of the measured range or 2mm (whichever is greater)
Max Range:Depending upon transducer, from 125mm to 40m (0.41-130ft). 50m on modified Ultra 3 and Ultra 5. (0 to 2.425m (0 - 7.95ft) dBMACH3 for open channel flow)
Min Range:Dependent on application and transducer (maximum 40m dB40)
Echo Processing:Dependent on application and transducer (minimum zero dBMACH 3)
Rate Response:Fully Adjustable

Echo Processing

Description:DATEM (Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement)
Technologies:Ultrasonic and FMCW RADAR


Analogue Output:Isolated (floating output (to 150V) of 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA into 1KΩ (user programmable and adjustable)
Digital Output:Half Duplex RS232
Volt Free Contacts, Number and Rating :3 x SPCO isolated relays, rated at 5A at 250V AC and 1 Solid state SPNO isolated relay, rated 30V at 100mA, suitable for pulse counter applications
Display:Monochrome graphical dot-matrix, 160 x 240 pixels. Fully programmable display options with integral keypad with menu navigation keys. Program/run/test mode indicators


On-Board Programming:Via Integral Keypad
PC Programming:Via Integral RJ11 port on unit, or via SD Card slot
Programming Security:Via passcode (user selectable and adjustable)
Promgrammed storage:Via non-volatile memory
Data Logging and Removable Storage:Via Micro SD card slot or internal 10-day totaliser logs (flow only)
SD Card Memory (included):8GB


Power Supply:100 to 240V AC 50/60 Hz. DC 10-28 V
Power Consumption:AC = 20VA MAX, DC = 10W max
Fuses, mains:1A ‘T’ 20mm ceramic 1500A breaking
Fuses, transducer:100mA barrier type, 4000A breaking

Communications (optional)

Modbus RTU/ASCII:Isolated RS485
Profibus DPV1:Isolated RS485
HART 7:Isolated 4-20mA
DNP3/WITS:Gateway interface (pending)

Download Datasheet: Ultra 4 Pulsar Non-contacting Ultrasonic Level Control and Flow Measurement

Reference : pulsar-pm.com