Universal Transmitter Controller and Indicator MCU Series Delta Mobrey

The MCU range of universal controllers provides a high level of functionality to any 4-20 mA or HART signal. These mains or 24V dc powered controllers are available in a sturdy weatherproof wall mounting enclosure or a standard DIN size panel mount format, and provide intrinsically safe power to the transmitter.

Intrinsically safe power supply to transmitter

The MCU900 Series is mounted in a non-hazardous area, and provides a protected (intrinsically safe) 24 volts direct current supply to a transmitter in a hazardous area.

Ideal for programming and control of HART transmitters

It is ideal for programming and control of Mobrey MSP Series level and flow transmitters. Other HART transmitters can be connected. The MCU900 Series recognizes the transmitters as an “unknown instruments” but allows access to programming of Universal and Common Practice HART commands.


  • Configured and interrogated using an integral six-button keypad
  • Easy to navigate menu structure
  • Wizard assisted programming, with password protection to prevent unauthorized access. Many popular configurations are “Wizard assisted”, enabling fast and accurate programming. Typical applications include level, contents volume, distance measurement, and open channel flow measurement
  • The HART digital or 4–20 mA analog signal from the transmitter may be offset, dampened, scaled, and linearized. A range of pre-programmed linearization algorithms are user-selectable
  • The 4–20 mA output signal may be scaled to re-transmit all or just part of the transmitter’s input signal or calculated value
  • Five relays are fully field programmable to perform a variety of control, fault indication, and alarm duties
  • Two digital inputs can be individually set-up to perform various control actions (e.g. raise an alarm) whenever activated


  • Provides configuration, pump or valve control and local display for any 4-20mA or HART transmitter
  • Provides an ATEX approved Intrinsically Safe power supply to a transmitter in a hazardous area
  • 4–20mA HART input
  • Isolated 4–20mA output
  • Five control relays, configurable for pump and valve control or alarm
  • Multi-function, graphical back lit display
  • Wall or panel mount
  • Pre-programmed linearization: contents volume and open channel flow
  • Configurable by using the integral keypad

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Power Supply

  • Mains AC option: 115 or 230 Vac ±10% (switch selectable)
  • DC option: 15 to 30 Vdc

Output Signal: 4-20 mA and five Single-Pole-Double-Throw (SPDT) Relays.

Cable Glands

  • Wall-mounted unit
  • Five positions pre-drilled, 2 glands and 3 blanking plugs supplied.
  • Ingress protection is IP65.
  • Panel-mounted unit:
  • Direct wiring to terminal blocks at rear.
  • Ingress protection is IP40 (IP65 when using optional hood).

DIsplay/Interface: Red LED for indicating the health status of the control unit.Integral dot matrix LCD, 32 x 122 pixels, back lit.

Ambiente Temperature: -40 to 55 °C (-40 to 131 °F)

Download Data Sheet: Universal Transmitter Controller and Indicator MCU Series

Ref: delta-mobrey.com