Adalet Instruments Premier Series Fiberglass Electrical Enclosure

Adalet Premier Series Fiberglass line also includes thermal management systems, pilot devices, conduit, and cable accessories, high voltage cable couplers, and other related electrical products for the industry. These products are suitable for NEMA type 1 through NEMA type 13 applications. Adalet’s sales and application engineers have decades of specialized electrical enclosure experience and are ready to solve your unique custom enclosure application requirements. Our engineering department is unsurpassed and on the edge of technology using the most up-to-date computer-aided design software. Software applications such as Solid Edge, Solid Works, Inventor, AutoCAD, and Femap/NX-Nastran FEA help us focus on custom product development and innovative engineering.

Adalet Instruments Premier Series Fiberglass Electrical Enclosure
Adalet Instruments Premier Series Fiberglass Electrical Enclosure

Known for producing the industry’s highest quality Hazardous Location products, Adalet has parlayed its reputation for quality, engineered solutions into its GenLo product line. Our team of sales professionals, engineers, and designers is here to assist with the selection and design of products to satisfy your specific needs. A new GenLo products facility located in Cardington, OH will be the new home for Adalet’s stainless steel and non-metallic industrial enclosure product line.

The 70,000-square-foot facility will produce stainless steel electrical enclosures for use in various industrial applications which require rugged, watertight, and corrosion-resistant housing for sensitive components.

Adalet Premier Series Fiberglass Electrical Enclosure

Adalet Premier Series Fiberglass Molded under heat and pressure to produce superior chemical resistance in corrosive applications, fiberglass electrical enclosures is used both indoors and outdoors to house wireless equipment, terminal wiring, instrumentation, electrical controls, and other sensitive electrical or electronic components.

The Premier Series Fiberglass Electrical Enclosure reinforcement also increases impact resistance, produces a superior range of temperature limits, and withstands tensile loads. Premier Series Fiberglass Electrical Enclosure has a relatively low cost compared to others made with different materials. Yet, they are still strong, long-lasting enclosures that protect against dust, dirt, oil, and water. Most models also carry a NEMA 6 rating for temporary submersion.

There are few restrictions with molding fiberglass, giving engineers more design flexibility for their fiberglass enclosures. Premier Series Fiberglass Electrical Enclosure opaque cover enclosures are ideal when protection from oil, dirt, dust, and water is essential. Enclosures can be used indoors and outdoors, and include a cover as well as 4 cover screws.


  • Standard Features
    • Ten standard sizes available in clear and opaque covers
    • Interchangeable covers with various hardware options
    • Panel management provisions
    • Stainless steel hinged cover
    • Integral mounting flange
    • The cover opens full 180°+
    • Poured polyurethane gasket provides the water-tight, dust-tight seal
    • Lightweight and impact resistant
  • Design Options
    • Mounting panels
    • Drilled entries and cut-outs are available
    • Mounting foot kit
    • Molded-in custom colors
    • Silk screening, paint, and decals

Adalet Premier Series Fiberglass Specification

  • Hot compression molded fiberglass reinforced polyester
  • Non-corrosive and UV resistant
  • Smooth surface, no color variations, swirls, or color pockets
  • Non-flame propagating and chemical resistant
  • Color described as Light Gray

Download Data Sheet: Floor Mount Double Door Stainless Steel Enclosure


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