Adalet Instruments Type 4X Panelboards - Exterior Operating Handles

Adalet Type 4X Panelboards also include thermal management systems, pilot devices, conduit, and cable accessories, high-voltage cable couplers, and other related electrical products for the industry. These products are suitable for NEMA type 1 through NEMA type 13 applications.

Adalet’s sales and application engineers have decades of specialized electrical enclosure experience and are ready to solve your unique custom enclosure application requirements. Our engineering department is unsurpassed and on the edge of technology using the most up-to-date computer-aided design software.

Adalet Type 4X Panelboards software applications such as Solid Edge, Solid Works, Inventor, AutoCAD, and Femap/NX-Nastran FEA help us focus on custom product development and innovative engineering. Known for producing the industry’s highest quality Hazardous Location products, Adalet has parlayed its reputation for quality, engineered solutions into its GenLo product line.

Our team of sales professionals, engineers, and designers is here to assist with the selection and design of products to satisfy your specific needs. A new GenLo products facility located in Cardington, OH will be the new home for Adalet’s stainless steel and non-metallic industrial enclosure product line.

The 70,000-square-foot facility will produce stainless steel electrical enclosures for use in various industrial applications which require rugged, watertight, and corrosion-resistant housing for sensitive components. Adalet has two different product categories. The product categories such as HazLo products and GenLo products.

Adalet Type 4X Panelboards - Exterior Operating Handles

Adalet Type 4X Panelboards - Exterior Operating Handles are used to control lighting and power distribution in industrial locations.

Constructed from 304 or 316L stainless steel, the N4XPB product family offers a wide selection of products for use in wash-down or highly corrosive locations.

Adalet Type 4X Panelboards Designed for use in applications where harsh chemicals or hose-down conditions exist, the Adalet N4XPB & N4XPBH series stainless steel panelboards provide a watertight, non-corrosive solution for controlling lighting and appliance, power circuits, and power distribution in industrial applications requiring branch power distribution, over current, and short circuit protection.

Adalet Type 4X Panelboards - Exterior Operating Handles are available in two versions:  A dead front, swing panel version with quick access latches, or a through-the-door operating handle version.

The dead front, swing panel version isolates the wiring space, wiring gutter, and termination area which would otherwise be exposed when the door is opened. The external handle version offers the ability to operate circuit breakers through the door with spring-loaded, watertight, aluminum operating handles.

Type 4X Panelboards - Exterior Operating Handles are equipped with the copper bus, isolated neutral and ground bar, and GFI or EPF breakers.  Gasketed covers provide IP66 and NEMA 4 / 4X rated protection for a watertight seal, and stainless steel cover bolts, removable piano hinge, and breather/drain are included as standard features.

The panelboards are available as 18-42 circuit, main lug, or back-fed main breaker (100A max).  Factory-sealed panelboard versions are also available and designed for use In Class I, Division 2, Groups BCD and Class I, Zone 1, and AExde IIB areas.

Adalet Type 4X Panelboards Features

  • Type 4X, 12 & 13 Enclosed Panelboard
  • GFI/EPD handles are colored green and include external test capabilities.
  • Lockplate provision provides padlocking for each individual breaker in either the “on” or “off” position.
  • Individual operating labels identify the breaker position (on, off, tripped) the circuit number, and breaker amperages.
  • Circuit Directory Holder Card
  • Back Fed Main Breaker Assemblies provided with “Main” Nameplate


  • Circuit Breaker Operating Handles–aluminum handles
  • With the stainless steel handle option available, consult the factory with stainless steel bushings and shafts.
  • V-ring seals, gaskets, and sealing nuts are provided for a watertight seal.
  • Handles are spring-loaded allowing for the door to be closed with the breaker toggle in any position.
Download Data Sheet: Type 4X Panelboards - Exterior Operating Handles


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