Apollo Valves Acutorque Stainless Steel Actuator

Apollo Valves Acutorque Stainless Steel Actuator Operation

The Apollo® Acutorque actuator is manufactured with an integral and internal air manifold. The solenoid mounting pad is manufactured to Namur dimensional standards as to allow for the direct mounting of various manufacturers’ solenoid valves and other flow control devices. For applications not requiring a direct mount solenoid valve, ports are tapped to NPT standards (American National Standard taper threads).

Reverse Rotation

When required, a clockwise rotation of the drive pinion, by means of air to PORT A can be achieved by reversing the pistons inside the actuator body (rotate 180 degrees).

Spring Configuration

Each Acutorque actuator comes with a complete spring pack (6 springs per side with nylon retainers) unless otherwise specified. When less than the full spring pack is desired for various torque outputs (see torque chart); springs can be removed from the actuator end caps. It is very important that springs can be arranged in a symmetrical manner (positioned as shown below) so that unwarranted side-load does not occur between the pistons and actuator body.

CAUTION: Refer to operation and maintenance instructions before disassembly and removal of springs.

Apollo Valves Acutorque Stainless Steel Actuator


Corrosion Resistance

All metal components are cast or machined from Stainless Steel or Monel, which offers excellent resistance to most corrosive chemicals as well as industrial atmospheres.

No Lubrication

All actuators are factory lubricated for the optimum life of the actuator under normal conditions. Teflon® piston bearings are used because of their self-lubricating properties.

Simple Maintenance

Each actuator is designed for ease of maintenance. Should you wish simply to change a spring rating or completely rebuild a unit, total disassembly, and reassembly are easily performed in just minutes with standard shop tools.

ISO/NAMUR Mounting

By using ISO/NAMUR standards, our actuators lend themselves to a host of various manufacturers’ direct mount accessories. Solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners, etc. bolt directly to the actuator and in turn, reduces the cost of assembly and installation of automated packages. Flexibility for future system modifications is greatly enhanced.


Each part of the actuator must pass a stringent quality test before it can be incorporated into an assembly. All materials used in construction must be certified and tested to prove their proper composition. Every cast part must pass an X-ray test before proceeding to the machining process. After machining, every part is dimensionally calibrated in order to assure it meets acceptable tolerance.


All actuator bodies and end caps are investment cast stainless steel, rugged, and built to last. It may be argued that the mechanical properties of stainless steel permit the ability to use this wall tubing in the construction of an actuator. However, that is not the case with our actuator. Thick wall castings mean protection for actuator internal porting and components as well as maintenance and operating personnel. Our unique drive opinion design ensures blowout-proof protection. Spring retainers are incorporated to allow the safe removal of end caps during the spring torque rating change or rebuild process.

Reference: www.apollovalves.com

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