Baumer POG 10 Incremental Encoders

POG 163 is an incremental encoder designed by shaft ø11mm with EURO flange B10 and resolution 1...2500 steps/turn.

Feature :

  • Logic level TTL or HTL
  • High resistance to shock and vibrations
  • Big terminal box, pivotable through 180°
  • Also in conjunction with centrifugal force switch FSL (no explosion protection)

Specification :

Electrical :

Voltage supply5 VDC ±5 %

9...26 VDC
 9...30 VDC
Consumption w/o load≤100 mA
Resolution (steps/turn)1...2500
Phase shift90° ±20°
Scan ratio40...60 %
Reference signalZero pulses, width 90°
Sensing methodOptical
Output frequency≤120 kHz
Output signalsK1, K2, K0 + inverted
Output circuitTTL (RS422)
 HTL (power line driver)
Interference immunityDIN EN 61000-6-2
Emitted interferenceDIN EN 61000-6-4
POG 10
ApprovalUL approval / E256710
POG 10 + FSL
Output switching capacity6 A / 230 VAC
1 A / 125 VDC
Range of switching speed (ns)850...4900 rpm (Δn = 2 rpm/s)

Mechanical :

Housingø105 mm
Shaftø11 mm
Admitted shaft load≤300 N axial, ≤450 N radial
FlangeEURO flange B10
Protection DIN EN 60529IP 66
MaterialsHousing: aluminum die-cast
 Shaft: stainless steel
Operating temperature-40...+100 °C
 -50...+100 °C (optional)
Connection Terminal boxTerminal box
POG 10
Operating speed≤12000 rpm (mechanical)
Operating torque typ. 2 Ncm≤400 N axial, ≤600 N radial
Rotor moment of inertia200 gcm²
ResistanceDIN EN 60068-2-6
 Vibration 20 g, 10-2000 Hz
 DIN EN 60068-2-27
 Shock 200 g, 6 ms
Explosion protectionII3G Ex nA T4 X (gas)
 II3D Ex tD IP66 A22 T135°C X (dust)
Weight approx.1,6 kg
POG 10 + FSL
Speed (n)≤1.25 · ns
Operating torque typ.4 Ncm
Rotor moment of inertia220 gcm²
ResistanceDIN EN 60068-2-6
 Vibration 10 g, 10-2000 Hz
 DIN EN 60068-2-27
 Shock 100 g, 6 ms
Explosion protectionII3G Ex nA T4 X (gas)
 II3D Ex tD IP56 A22 T135°C X (dust)
Weight approx.3.2 kg

Download Datasheet: Baumer pog-10 & pog-10-for Encoder

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