ELAFLEX HIBY is a specialist company in safe connections for the transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids. Our strengths are standards-compliant, long-lasting hoses, fittings, couplings, expansion joints, and nozzles. As an internationally operating family company with a long history, we combine experience and competence. The equilibrium is essential. Therefore we stand for key values like responsibility, continuity, the spirit of innovation, and flexibility in thought and action.

Since our foundation, we developed into a leading specialist in engineered refueling equipment. Refueling calls for the highest standards of safety, consequently, our mission is to offer premium quality only. Our competent design and engineering departments and production facilities safeguard that Elaflex products are technologically state of the art, in accordance with the highest safety measures and set standards in our industry sector.

Besides the functionality and safety of products, the most important of technical products is the consideration of costs. We strive to offer only those products which lead to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for our customers. Therefore we say: our products are worth their price, a sound investment both in terms of performance and total lifetime cost benefits.

Products :

Section 1: Petrol + Chemical Hoses

Refueling Hoses :

  • Fuelling Hoses without Helix for Petroleum-based Products
  • Tank Truck Hoses with Helix
  • Vapour Recovery Hose GPS
  • etc

Dispenser Hoses :

  • Petrol Pump Hoses
  • FLUORINE Universal Pump Hose EFL
  • LPG 16 Hose for L.P.Gas Dispensers

Specialty Hoses :

  • L.P. Gas Hoses without Helix
  • Special Hoses
  • Hoses for Hot Asphalt, Hot Water, and Steam

Chemical, Pharma, and Universal Hoses :

  • Hoses for Chemicals and Solvents
  • Universal Tank Hoses UTD, UTS, UTL
  • Universal Tank Hose POLYPAL CLEAN
  • etc

PAL - Chemical Hoses :

  • POLYPAL PLUS Universal Hose_PAL 01
  • POLYPAL CLEAN Universal Tank Hose_PAL 03
  • ELAFLON PLUS FEP Universal Hose_PAL 05
  • etc

Section 2: Hose Fittings 

Hose Fittings Ferrule Type :

  • Female Hose Couplings / Special Types + Accessories
  • Male Hose Couplings / Assembly of Ferrule Hose Fittings
  • Anti Kinking Sleeves, Colour Sleeves
  • etc

SPANNFIX and SPANNLOC Hose Fittings with Thread :

  • Female Hose Couplings with SPANNFIX MX
  • Male Hose Couplings with SPANNFIX VX
  • Female Hose Couplings with SPANNLOC MC
  • etc

Steam Hose Couplings with Bolted Clamps of Hot Stamped Brass: Steam Hose Couplings

Safety Clamp and Ferrule Couplings :

  • TW Hose Couplings with SPANNFIX / Accessories + Spare Parts
  • TW Hose Couplings with SPANNLOC / Assembling Tools
  • TW Hose Couplings Stainless Steel with SPANNFIX
  • etc

SPANNFIX and SPANNLOC Flanged Hose Fittings :

  • Flanged Hose Fittings with SPANNLOC / SPANNLOC Assembly
  • Flanged Hose Couplings with SPANNLOC Clamps
  • Flanged Hose Fittings with SPANNFIX, Spannfix+Spannloc "TW"-Flanges
  • etc

Hose Assembly Accessories :

  • Hose Clamps / Hints for the Assembly
  • Hose Connectors + Clamp Accessories TSV, SPANNFIX, SPANNLOC
  • Available Lengths for ELAFLEX Hose Assemblies

Section 3: Tank + Pipe Fittings 

"TW" Couplings System DIN 28450 :

  • TW Male Couplings, TW Dust Caps, Chains / Special Types
  • TW Female Couplings, TW Dust Plugs "MK", "VB" / Special Types
  • TW Crown Pieces, TW Coupling Nuts with Lever / Seals
  • etc

Rail Tanker Couplings :

  • Rail Tanker Adaptors "KWZ" / Special Types
  • Rail Tanker Discharge Couplings / Comments on Rail Tanker Discharge

Tank + Pipe Fittings :

  • Symmetrical Couplings "Storz", "Guillemin" / Chart Thread Measurements
  • Cam Locking Couplings EN 14420-7
  • Threaded Caps BK, Chains / Special Types
  • etc

Corrugated Pipe Connectors: Flexible Bronze Pipe Connectors DN 25-50

MannTek Dry Disconnect Couplings :

  • Dry Disconnect Couplings (Hose Unit) / Dust Plugs, Flow Diagram
  • Dry Disconnect Couplings (Tank Unit) / Dust Caps
  • DGC Dry Gas Couplings for L.P. Gas

Seals :

  • ELAPAC Flange Seals FD, QFD / Special Shapes
  • ELAPAC Flange Seals FD
  • Thread Seals GD / Application Examples
  • etc,

Section 4: Rubber Expansion Joints 

ERV Rubber Expansion Joints :

  • Table of content: ERV Rubber Expansion Joints
  • RED BAND Expansion Joints
  • ROTEX Expansion Joints
  • etc

Information ERV Rubber Expansion Joints :

  • Order Number Breakdown
  • Checklist for Expansion Joints
  • Overview of Certificates
  • etc

Accessories for ERV Rubber Expansion Joints :

  • FLANGE choice
  • ERV Tie Rods and Angular Limiters
  • ERV Inner Sleeves, PTFE Lining, Support Spiral, Support Ring
  • etc

Section 5: Nozzles + Spare Parts :

COAX Hose Assemblies and COAX Accessories
  • COAX Hose Assemblies, non-attachable
  • COAX Hose Accessories for self-assembly
  • COAX Accessories for Active Vapour Recovery
  • Product Badge - Overlook of Available Designs
  • ZVA Slimline 2 GR Automatic Nozzle for Active Vapour Recovery Stage II
  • OLD - ZVA 200 GR Automatic Nozzle for Active Vapour Recovery Stage II
  • etc
ZVA Accessories: Sight Glasses for Nozzles
Non-automatic Nozzles ZV, ZL nozzles
  • ZV 19 · Dry Hose Delivery Nozzle ZL
  • Manual Nozzles ZV 25 + ZVF 25 Size DN 25
  • Aviation Fuel Nozzle ZVF 50
  • etc
LPG Nozzles & Accessories :
  • LPG Nozzle ZVG 2, Safety Break ARK 19
  • L.P. Gas Nozzles GasGuard, ZVG 2 UL & ZVG 2 K
CNG Nozzle & Accessories :
  • CNG Fill Valves & Nozzles
  • CNG Ball Valves & Check Valves
  • CNG Couplers & Accessories
  • etc

Hose Reels :

HR Information :

  • Hose Reels 'Compact Line HD 25'
  • Hose Reels 'Compact Line HD 50'
  • Hose Reels 'Compact Line T'
  • etc

HR Brochures :

Hose Reels (English) :

  • Enrouleurs (French)
  • Avvolgitori (Italian)
  • etc

High-Pressure Gas

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