FAUDI Aviation Filtration

FAUDI Aviation provides the most innovative filtration and sensor solutions to meet the evolving needs of the aviation fuel industry.

FAUDI Aviation filtration

FAUDI Aviation GmbH is a family-owned, medium-sized company specializing in the filtration of civil and military aviation fuels. Our product portfolio consists of over 850 products distributed in more than 80 countries worldwide. Founded in 1938, FAUDI Aviation is today the leading premium brand that stands for quality, innovation, and safety. Behind the brand, teams of both young and experienced employees work on the technological challenges of tomorrow.

1. Filter Vessels

  •    Filter/Water Separator
  •    Microfilter
  •    Dirt Defence Filter Vessels
  •    Clay Treater and Sieve Basket Strainer

2. Filter Elements

  •    Coalescer Elements
  •    Separator Elements
  •    Microfilters
  •    Dirt Defence Filter

3. Sensor Technology

  •    Electronic Water Sensors
  •    Logic Controllers
  •    Differential Pressure Monitoring
  •    Bund Water Treatment System

4. Accessories and Ground Fuelling Equipment

  •    Automatic Air Eliminator
  •    Pressure Relief Valve
  •    Differential Pressure Gauges
  •    Drain Valves
  •    Accessories for Sensor Products
  •    Aviation Fuel Hydrant Pit Lid

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