Fernco Coupling

Established in 1964, Fernco began in a Master Plumber’s garage with a patent for the ‘Donut.’ Fernco began to work closely with wholesale distributors to ensure products were manufactured and delivered quickly to meet customer demand. After more experimentation, Fernco introduced the first Fernco flexible coupling to the market in 1973 with a bid from Dallas, TX. Fernco has continued to manufacture and innovate in Davison, MI, employing team members who became a part of the Fernco Family throughout the last 55 years.

Fernco Coupling

Innovation Research & Development Team

With a constantly evolving product line and innovative ideas, Fernco offers engineering, prototype, and production services along with decades of injection molding experience. Our team of experts provides on-time, cost-effective injection molding and assembly in Flexible PVC and a wide range of specialty polymers. Equipped with full CAD-CAM capabilities, solid works conceptual drawings, complete tooling, and quick prototype manufacturing, be sure to contact Fernco for your next PVC production project.

1. Flexible Couplings and Adapters

  • Stock Couplings
  • Eccentric Series
  • Corrugated Pipe Series
  • Ultra-Rib Sewer Pipe Series
  • Large Diameter Series
  • Plastic Socket Couplings
  • Pipe Sleeve Seals
  • Expansion Joint Coupling
  • Qwik Tees & Ells
  • Series 300 Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Ratchet Torque Wrenches
  • Flexible Tap Saddles

2. Shielded Couplings

  • Stainless Steel Shear Rings
  • Strong Back RC Couplings
  • 5000 Series RC Couplings
  • Proflex Couplings
  • No-Hub Couplings
  • HTRC Corrugated Pipe Flexible Coupling
  • Strong Back RC 5000 Series Couplings
  • Strong Back RC 1000 Series Couplings

3. Internal Seals

  • Concrete Manhole Adapters
  • Large Diameter Waterstops
  • Donuts
  • Multi-Tite Pipe Gasket
  • O-Rings
Reference: fernco.com

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