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Founded in 1969, Norberg~IES is a leading distributor of Ferraz Fuses. Powerfuse.com offers an extensive line of products from high-speed DC and high-voltage fuses, to an offering of fuse blocks, clips, power distribution blocks, and fusible and non-fusible disconnect switches.


Established in 1969 by industrialist Hans Norberg, Norberg-IES has been a recognized source of value-added products for the electrical industry. Norberg~IES is divided into two, easily identifiable brands: Nema7 for enclosures, and Powerfuse.com for high-voltage fuses.

Norberg~IES is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our 30,000-square-foot facility is both, UL-listed and ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are known throughout the industry for providing the highest quality products and exceeding our client’s expectations.

Our selection of fuses is one of the largest in the world, with fuses ranging from electronic to high voltage and from top brands such as Mersen, Eaton, GE, and more. All our fuses ship the same day, so you can get the fuse you need when you need it.

1. Medium Voltage Fuses

  • E Rated Clip Lock
  • E Rated PT
  • E-Rated & Bolt-In
  • R Rated
  • 9F60 & 9F62 Transformer Fuses
  • 9F60 Motor Fuses
  • HV Clips & Mountings


3. Capacitor Fuses

  • 600 Volt Fuses
  • Over 600 Volt Fuses

4. Over 600 Volt Fuses

5. Euro Fuses & Holders

  • Holders
  • Ferrule Fuses
  • NH Style Fuses

6. Class L Fuses

  • A4BQ Series
  • A4BY Series

7. Euro Ultra Rapid Protistor Fuses

  • BS88 Protistor (Product Description)
  • DIN 80 Protistor (Product Description)
  • Frech Ferrule Protistor (Product Description)

8. US Style High-Speed Fuses

  • Ferrule (US Style HSF)
  • Form 101

9. Power Distribution Blocks

  • Finger Safe PDB
  • Open PDB

10. Finger Safe Fuse Holders

  • Euro Dimensions
  • UL Dimensions

11. Multimeter Fuses

12. Class CC Fuses

13. DC Protistor Fuses

  • Search by Product Description
  • Search by Reference Number

14. Fuse Reducers

15. High-Speed J Fuses

16. Class J Fuses

  • Fast Acting
  • Time Delay

17. Midget Fuses

18. RK5 Fuses

  • 250 Volt
  • 600 Volt

19. Class T Fuses

20. Fuse Pullers & Clips

  • Fuse Clips 
  • Fuse Pullers

21. Fuse Holders & Blocks

  • Fuse Blocks
  • Fuse Holders
Reference: ferrazfuses.com

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