Fiac Air Compressors

No matter whether you want to inflate a tire or increase your productivity, a FIAC compressor can always help you. Manufacturer of complete ranges of air compressors and pneumatic accessories, FIAC has been a leader in the world of compressed air since 1977: global presence, Italian heart

Air is source of life, air is energy, air is us. Fiac knows it and is proud of been passionately part of it. We design and deliver air solutions for you from 1977, we are good at it.

Fiac Air Compressors

Piston and screw air compressors, air tools and air treatments, find the most suitable product for you.

1. Fiac Piston Compressors

   - Wall mounted air compressor

   - Supersilent XS series

   - Oil free direct driven air compressors

   - Lubricated direct driven air compressors

   - Belt driven air compressors

   - Silent Piston air compressors

   - Petrol engine air compressors

   - Compressors for high quality compressed air 

   - Coaxial air compressors pumps

   - Lubricated air compressor belt driven pumps

2. Rotary Screw air compressors 

   - New silver

   - Airblok BD-DR

   - Airblok BD-SD

   - Airblok DR series

3. Air Tools & Accessories

   - Pneumatic tools

   - Fittings

   - Coupling and push-in fittings

   - Line valves, valves and pressure switches

   - Pressure regulator and gauges

   - Hoses for compressed air 

   - Drain valves

   - Pneumatic tools for pruning and picking 

4. Air Treatments

   - Refrigeration dryers

   - Industrial air filters

   - Air receivers

   - Water/oil separator