KAGA Metal Parts

Manufacturing has already gone global. As growth markets have changed, the Kaga Group has shifted from a Japan-centered business model to a global one, developed bases overseas, and made a major course change to become an Asian company. Since its founding, the Group has employed original ideas and proprietary technology and undertaken high-quality, reliable manufacturing that meets the needs of the times in the fields of telecommunications, lighting, electronic precision parts, and system services, while adapting to a rapidly changing society.

In the future, the Kaga Group will take full advantage of the technological foundation that it has built up in Japan into the overseas market, and enter fields in Japan related to the new needs of society, such as environmental friendliness, safety, mobility, and services, and strive to achieve further growth as a company that can broadly contribute to the world.

Our Products are as below :

  1. Electronics Precision Parts
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Lighting