Katch Kan Drilling Rig Safety Fluid Containment Systems

Katch Kan™ has been pro-actively providing sustainable Well Life Cycle Solutions™  to the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry for over 25 years. When used together, the Rig Safety System™, Zero Spill System™ and other Katch Kan™ Systems increase personnel safety, capture lost drilling fluid, and redirect the lost fluids for recycling or reuse. The systems provide drilling fluids cost savings and a cleaner, safer and more efficient operation while the well is active. By reducing the environmental impact, the systems lessen liabilities and cost associated to the cleanup, remediation and reclamation phases.

Katch Kan™ systems work for Land Drilling, Off-Shore Drilling, Well Servicing/Workover and Well Head Applications. Katch Kan™ is an original equipment manufacturer with the following certifications:  ISO 9001,  ISO 14001, COR (Certificate of Recognition) and ETV (Canadian Environmental Technology Verification).

Our Products as below :

  1. Rig Safety System
  2. Fluid Containment System
  3. Industrial Vacuums
  4. Rig Floor Traction and Safety Matting

Ref : www.katchkan.com