Low Pressure Gas Meters MF-Series

 The MF-series mass flow meters are specially designed for metering utility gas such as natural gas. These meters are powered by a battery and are ideal for the replacement of traditional mechanical meters where the rangeability or turn-down ratio often falls short of actual accumulated flow.

In addition, the mass flow meters do not require additional temperature and pressure compensation and are ready for networking or remote data access. The meters can be applied to pipe diameters from 25 to 100 mm and gas flow speeds from 0.1 to 1500 Nm3/hr, with a rangeability or turn-down ratio over 100:1.

Low-Pressure Gas Meters MF-Series

Features and Applications

  • Specially designed for city gas metering
  • Automatical compensation for temperature and pressure variations
  • Integrated MEMS sensors for extended rangeability
  • Proprietary low-power technology ensures the long-lasting battery life
  • Small form factors reduce logistical and installation cost
  • Large data storage for easy historical data download and analysis
  • All electronic meters ready for data access and networking
  • User-friendly interface for prepaid IC card system with valve control.
Reference: inaparts.com

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