Takuwa Groundwater Aeration Sound Measuring Device GAS-03


In the ground, there exists the sound of groundwater flowing, fictional sound of sand gravel, sound of the wind, sound of a moving insects and other various sounds. The ground sound measuring device can reduce various noises in the ground by a noise cut filter and sound volume adjustment and can take out the sound of ground water flowing in the ground.

It is called a water path that is a place where groundwater gathers and flows. The sound measuring device identifies the location of water path. This ground sound measuring device identifies the location of water path by looking for the place where the strongest underground sound is heard. The device is expected to be applied to various scenes where places in which groundwater flows become problematic.


  • The location of water path can be instantly judged on site
  • The device can alleviate noise and facilitate listening to small sounds in the ground
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry about
  • The sound in the ground is put into digital data and imported into a personal computer
  • The device operates on dry batteries (8 AA batteries) which can be easily got evan of general convenience stores


Disaster-prevention measures of sloper:

  • Prediction of dangerous areas of slope failure
  • Increased accuracy of hazard maps
  • Design and installation of pore pressure meters, soil moisture measuring system, etc
  • Design and work executive of catchment wells and horizontal boring

Disaster-prevention measures of roads:

  • Prediction of dangerous areas of road slope failure
  • Prediction of dangerous areas of forest road slope failure
  • Design and work execution of retaining wall weep hole locations
  • Design of forest roads and other routes

Disaster-prevention measures of dams and levees:

  • Detection of water leak points of dams, etc.
  • Prediction of dangerous areas of bank collapse

Other interestion application:

  • Finding of ground water and water well location


Pickup Sensor

  • Measurement: Piezoelecetric system
  • Sensorrod: Three types of rod are attavhed (three types with varying rod lengths are able to be exchangeably used)

- 8 X 100mm

- 8 X 150mm

- 8 X 200mm

  • Cable:

- 4-conductor shielded cable

- 4,8 mm in diameter x about 1,5m long

  • Material: SUS304 (with rubber cover)
  • Dimensions: 43 mm in diameter x about 49.5 mm long (sensor proper)
  • Mass: About 0,5 kg

Measurement recording unit

Input: Input for special-purpose pickup


  • Headphone output (compatible [lug: 6.34 mm diameter stereo phone plug)
  • LINE output (compatible plug: 3.5 mm diameter stereo phone plug)
  • RS-232C Output
  • A crossover cable connects the recording unit to PC, etc
  • Special-purpose application software for importing collected data attached


  • Analog level meter
  • LCD device (16 digits x 2 lines, with back light)


  • Clock function
  • Data memory (for 400 data)
  • Filter function

- Low Cut Filter, at 200, 300 and 400 Hz

- High Cut Filter, at 600, 800 and 1200 Hz

  • Gain changing function (10 steps)

Power Source: 8 AA Battery

Dimension: 200 (W) X 150 (H) x 75.4 (D) mm

Mass: About 1.2 kg (excluding battery)

System: Sound-isolating headphone

Mass: About 0.4 kg

Download Data Sheet: Groundwater Aeration Sound Measuring Device GAS-03_1101

Ref: takuwa.co.jp

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