Takuwa Water Level gauge Sensor

Takuwa is a leading company in flood control and disaster prevention in Japan. For more than 50 years, we have continued to provide technologies and solutions specialized in Japan's flood control and disaster countermeasures, "Water Measurement Techniques for Measuring Water" including water level gauges.

Takuwa Co., Ltd. is a living infrastructure engineering company that supports town development and the process of growth of the country by technologies that accurately measure the water level in the living area and its effective utilization solutions.

Takuwa's water level observation technology, which has earned high recognition by high quality and thorough introduction and maintenance services, is a crystal of know-how and technology cultivated in the harsh natural environment of the disaster-prone country Japan.

Failure to know the water, the observation device made easily, can not accurately measure the water level of the river in an emergency, resulting in the loss of many precious lives and property as a result. Takuwa is knowing the difficulty and importance of such water level observation from half a century of experience. And we will offer the highest water level observation technology reflecting experience and wisdom gained so far.

Takuwa has many kinds of Water Level Gauge such as

Quartz Type Water Level Gauge QS series :

Quartz type is a pressure type water level gauge by using a Quartz oscillator which has high accuracy, high durability, and a wide measuring range. It is suitable for accurate water level observation for rivers, irrigation, and dam.

Quartz Type Water Level Gauge Optical Fiber Transmission type OPQS series :

OPQS Series is a kind of "Quartz pressure type", for enhancing lightning protection. It uses only optical fiber for the cable of data transmission and electrical power supply by mounting the "very small optical-electric converter" inside of the sensor. Recently in Japan, this type has been used for dam control and flood forecasting and warning systems.

Quartz Type Water Level Gauge Water Temperature Correction type QSR series :

QSR series is a Quartz type water level gauge that mounts temperature sensors along the cable. It corrects water level depending on water density by changing water temperature and its distribution. Therefore, it can keep a high accuracy of water level measurement of large dams where a seasonal variation of water temperature will occur.

Pressure type Water Level Gauge CPS series :

CPS Series is a water pressure sensor with a small and lightweight body. It is suitable for water level observation of the well, small channels, and watergate.

Catalog Takuwa Pressure level sensor

Microwave type Water Level Gauge MIR-1 :

This is a microwave water level gauge that determines the water level based on the pulse propagation time. As this equipment uses a microwave, it is not influenced by environmental conditions such as temperature and can provide a stable measurement in rivers, etc.

Catalog Takua Radar Level Sensor MIR-1

Color Staff Gauge SG series :

TAKUWA’s staff gauges have high visibility for manual water level observation with less reading error.

Catalog Takua staff gauge