TE 4020 & 4030 Accelerometer

TE 4020 and 4030 Accelerometer

TE 4020 & 4030 accelerometer are low noise, signal conditioned DC accelerometers packaged in a durable molded housing. The accelerometers are offered in ±2g & ±6g ranges with a nominal 0-200Hz bandwidth. The model 4020 is a dual-axis configuration (X&Y axes) while model 4030 is a triaxial configuration. The capacitive silicon MEMS sensing element offers high resolution and long term stability for critical measurement applications.


  • Dual & Triaxial Output Options
  • ±2g & ±6g Measurement Range
  • Rugged Construction
  • 5-30Vdc Excitation Voltage
  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Low Pass Filtered Output
  • Capacitive Silicon MEMS Element
  • Integral #24 AWG Cable
  • Self-Test Enabled


  • Low-Frequency Vibration Monitoring
  • Tilt & Inclination Measurement
  • Motion Measurements
  • Structural Monitoring
  • Laboratory Testing

Performance Specification

All values are typical at +24°C, 80Hz and 10Vdc excitation unless otherwise stated. TE Connectivity reserves the right to update and change these specifications without notice.


Range (g)±2±6 
Sensitivity (mV/g)1000333±10%
Frequency Response (Hz)0-2000-200±5%
Non-Linearity (%FSO)±1±1 
Transverse Sensitivity (%)<3<3 
Shock Limit (g)20002000 
Residual Noise (μV RMS)600240Passband
Residual Noise (μg/√Hz RMS)4251 
Self Test Output Change (mV)X = +210 ±90X = +70 ±30Ground ST Lead
 Y = -210 ±90Y = -70 ±30 
 Z = -340 ±190Z = -110 ±65 
Zero Acceleration Output (V)2.5 ±0.1 
Excitation Voltage (Vdc)5 to 30 
Excitation Current (mA)4 
Full-Scale Output Voltage (Vdc)±2 
Ground IsolationIsolated from Mounting Surface 
Thermal Zero Shift (%FSO)±4-40° to +85°C
Thermal Sensitivity Shift (%)±5-40° to +85°C
Operating Temperature (°C)-40 to 85 
HumidityEpoxy Sealed, IP65 
Housing MaterialNylon 6-6, 30% GF Molded Housing 
Weight (grams)50 (cable not included) 
Mounting2x ¼ or M6 Screws 
Mounting Torque18 lb-in (2.0 N-m) 

Download Datasheet: TE 4020 & 4030 Accelerometer

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