ECOTEST Radiation Measurement Instruments

Over 200 highly-qualified and experienced specialists in the field of radio engineering. For almost three decades our dedicated team of the best experts has been working to protect people against radiation hazards. Over 30 instruments and systems of radiation measurement.

We offer a full line of comprehensive solutions including personal, hand-held, transportable devices as well as fixed systems designed to solve diverse measurement problems. The majority of our products have been certified and included in the State Register for Measuring Instruments of Ukraine and other countries of the world. 

Export to more than 70 countries. 30 official dealers worldwide. We sell globally with partnerships and distribution channels in CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North, and Latin America, to a variety of clients – from Ukrainian and Kazakh ministries and governmental agencies to Korean and Bulgarian nuclear power plants, as well as to individual customers. We appreciate the trust and confidence of every particular client.

We constantly improve our products and enhance their functional capabilities considering the needs of the market by using innovative technologies, modern component parts, and materials. In a new economic era, our management took up a challenge and became the leader of change.

Production of high-quality products, professional administration, entrepreneurial spirit, and promotion of team spirit is considered to be the main terms of the long-lasting leading presence of the ECOTEST TM products on the market.

Handheld Detection :

  • TERRA with Bluetooth channel
  • etc

Personnel Exposure Monitoring :

  • EcotestCARD
  • Personal Dosimeter DKG-21M
  • etc

Isotope Identification: New SPRD “SPECTRA”

Contamination and activity measurement :

  • VIRTUOSO Radiometer
  • MKS-UM
  • Dosimeter POSHUK

Survey Monitors :

  • Dosimeter POSHUK
  • etc

Area monitoring :

  • ІТ-09Т Data Panel
  • ІТ-09 Data Panel
  • RIK-09 – Radiation Data System
  • etc

Detecting units (Probes) :

  • BDBG-09 for Gamma Radiation Detection
  • BDBG-09 Water-Resistant
  • BDBG-09S for Gamma Radiation Detection
  • etc 

Solutions for special-purpose vehicles :

  • DRG-T – Radiation Survey Device
  • SVNH-T
  • etc

Your personal safety :

  • TERRA-P+
  • EcotestVIP
  • etc


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