Tonson M1 Type Piston Air Motor

Tonson M1 Piston Air Motor
Air Motors are designed to operate by compressed air and to be used with filter, regulator and lubricator to improve performance and provide longer life. Air Motors can easily operate under conditions which are unfavorable for electric, hydraulic, stepper and servo motors.


  • Mounting Flexibility: Flange / Foot / IEC / NEMA / Custom Mounting available
  • Modular Design: All motors may be equipped with gear reducer, brake, hand, remote, remote pendant control as options.
  • Intrinsically safe in hazardous environment (ex. mines, petrochemical, volatile atmosphere
  • Easy Maintenance
  • 100% Explosion-proof
  • Positive Start
  • Stalling Safety
  • High Start Torque
  • Stepless Speed Control
  • Rugged Design
  • Low Air Consumption
  • Instanlty Reversible
  • Never burn out
  • Self-Sealing & Cool Running
  • All Plane Operatiron

Tonson M1 Series Piston Air Motor


  • Hoist / Winches
  • Lifting Devices
  • Mixing Equipment
  • Choppers / Grinders
  • Mining Equipment
  • Pump Drives
  • Automation Devices
  • Hose Reels
  • Conveyor Drives
  • Turntables
  • Food / Pharmacy Packaging


Model CodeGear RatioPerformance at Maximum SpeedMaximum Torque
SeriesTypePowerTorqueSpeedAir ConsumptionSpeedTorque
Tonson M1 Piston Air Motor


M1 (010)*Standard1:
*G5with reducer5:12.8425.1220444.9944.2