TX-600N Data-Logging Thermometer

TX-600N is a data-logging thermometer with dual probe (T1-T2) input. This product also has 9 variant types of thermocDataouple to make sure the range of what you need most.

Feature :

  • IP66 Water-Proof
  • Accept 9 T/C Types: K, J, E, T, B, R, N, S, C
  • Dual Probes (T1-T2) input
  • Data-Logger Built-In and software
  • USB/RS-232 Output, with software
  • Fine Adjustment Function
  • Hi/Lo Alarm, Max./Min./Avg./Hold
  • LED Back-Light
  • CE and RoHS Approved

Specification :

Input TypesK, J, E, T, B, R, N, S, and C are nine thermocouple types;
with Dual-Channel input
Measurement RangeK: -200.0~+1370.0°C (-328.0~+2498.0°F)
J: -200.0~+1200.0°C (-328.0~+2192.0°F)
E: -210.0~+1000.0°C (-346.0~+1832.0°F)
T: -220.0~+400.0 °C (-364.0~+752.0°F)
B: +320.0~+1800.0°C (+608.0~+3272.0°F)
R: - 20.0~+1700.0°C (-4.0~+3092.0°F)
N: -200.0~+1300.0°C (-328.0~+2372.0°F)
S: - 20.0~+1750.0°C (-4.0~+3182.0°F)
C: 0.0~+2300.0°C (+32.0~+4172.0°F)
Accuracy*± 0.1% of rdg + 0.1°C (In 23±5°C operating environment)
± 0.1% of rdg + 0.2°C (Out of 23±5°C operating environment)
※Built-in cold junction compensation function.
ResolutionK, J, E, T, N, C Type: 0.1°C / 0.1°F
B, R, S Type: 0.5°C / 0.5°F
Reading Rate*Approx. 0.4 sec.
Logging Sampling Rate2 seconds to 120 minutes (User Selectable)
Memory16,000 readings x 2CH
Baud Rate57,600
Main FunctionsSwitchable 9 kinds of thermocouple type input, Hi/Lo Alarm, T1-T2, Data hold, Max/Min/Avg Functions, USB/RS-232 interface, Perpetual calendar, Data-Logging, Switchable °C/ °F, AC/DC power, Battery sign and low battery warning, Auto / Manual shutdown, Calibration function, Large LED back-light, IP66 water, and dustproof.
Outputa.Software with a USB Interface cable, b.RS-232 Output
Power SourceOne 9 V battery or AC Adaptor (option)
Input ConnectionsStandard mini thermocouple socket x 2
Operating Environment-20 ~ +60°C ; 0~100%RH
Dimensions/ Weight150 x 75 x 28 mm, Approx. 320g (battery included)

Download Datasheet: TX-600N Digital Thermometer

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