Types of Connectors from TE Connectivity

A connector is a coupling device that joins electrical terminations to create an electrical circuit. Connectors enable contact between wires, cables, printed circuit boards, and electronic components.

At TE Connectivity (TE), we design and manufacture an expansive portfolio of connectors that are engineered to reliably transmit data, power, and signal in the harshest environments, under the most extreme use. Our connectors are manufactured to reduce application size and power usage while enabling increased performance.

Our audio and visual connectors offer enhanced board retention and EMI shielding. Our automotive connectors are built to withstand harsh conditions of highway and off-road transportation. Our card edge connectors and sockets support the current SDRAM and DDR memory generations and the new DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 as well as FBDIMM generations.

Our LUMAWISE LED Holders offer a snap-in LED retention feature, which eliminates the need for soldering; it uses poke-in wire connections to provide the toolless termination of solid, fused, and stranded wire. Across our portfolio of connectors, we offer robust solutions for improving connectivity in critical systems.

Rectangular Connectors, Connector Housings, & Contacts

This type of device is engineered to optimize signal integrity in applications with limited internal space. Manufactured in materials ranging from molded plastics to die-cast alloys, our rectangular connector housings are engineered for reliable wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections.

Our portfolio offers different ratings and sizes, with or without locking features. Vertical headers are available with optional polarization pegs and drain holes and offer a blind-mate version. Right-angle headers offer optional read-more...

Audio & Video Connectors :

These connectors are engineered for the high-speed, high-clarity transmission of audio, video, and high-speed serial data. These products reduce application size and power usage while enabling increased performance. TE Connectivity (TE) connectors in this category are available with additional features such as enhanced board retention and EMI shielding that provide robust, reliable connections in demanding applications.

We offer a diverse portfolio of audio-video connectors and high-speed serial connectors to meet the global dynamic interconnect demand that stretches across various industries. Our interconnect solutions range from high-speed, high-density pluggable connectors to consumer I/O and legacy D subminiature and modular jack connectors.

Circular Connectors :

A circular connector is a cylindrical, multi-pin electrical connector that contains contacts that power electrical devices, transmit data, or transmit electrical signals. A circular connector is designed to withstand harsh environments and reliably deliver data. It is designed with a circular interface and housing to quickly and easily connect and disconnect signal, power, and optical circuits without the use of coupling tools such as torque wrenches.

The contacts are typically surrounded by a composite or metal shell and are embedded in insulating material to maintain their alignment. The contacts are usually paired with a cable, making them especially resistant to accidental decoupling or environmental interference. TE’s circular connectors offer rugged solutions that have been engineered for reliable performance in a wide variety of harsh environmental applications, including aerospace, broadcast, defense and security, electronics, energy, industrial, instrumentation, medical, and transportation.

Modular Jacks & Plugs: RJ45, RJ11, RJ25 :

This type of connector is engineered to make secure and reliable input/output connections. Many of our modular jacks and plugs offer a unique locking system that prevents both mismating and accidental unplugging resulting from shock and vibration.

Our shielded and unshielded plugs are manufactured in a compact, one-piece construction, with preloaded contacts, providing a space-saving, quick-to-install solution offering increased design flexibility. These connectors are used in many different applications, including data communications, consumer devices, and industrial.

Power Connectors, Contacts, & Terminals :

This type of device is engineered to reliably connect power, providing efficient supply and distribution in communications equipment using between 5 and 1,000 amps. Manufactured for DC- and AC-powered applications, these connectors offer many configurations: our RAPID LOCK connector is a single-pole, quick connect/disconnect replacement for lug connection; our MULTI-BEAM XL is a blind-mateable, highly versatile connector with high reliability and high current density.

Terminal Blocks & Barrier Strips :

This electric connector fastens two or more wires together by the tightening of a screw, or without tooling. Terminal blocks are insulated connections that fasten two or more wires together and have an insulating frame and a clamping system. TE terminal blocks offer a variety of technologies and ranges.

Fiber Optic Connectors :

TE's fiber optic connectors accommodate 10G Ethernet — with the capacity to handle next-generation 40G and 100G when needed — without the severe distance limitations of copper cable. Easy to maintain in the field, and reliable when operating in harsh environments, our optical products offer significant size and weight savings. Our broad portfolio includes several types of fiber optic connectors, pluggable IO connectors, and standard fiber connectors, including LC connectors.

PCB Connectors: Backplane, Wire-to-Board, Board-to-Board Connectors :

These types of connector systems are mounted or processed to a printed circuit board (PCB).
TE Connectivity’s (TE) broad portfolio of signal and power interconnects includes a wide variety of high-density, high-speed board-to-board, cable-to-board, or cable-to-cable connectors designed for automated assembly.

These connectors provide exceptional performance in both low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) and embedded DisplayPort (eDP) applications. Our PCB receptacles enable wire-to-PCB terminations; our PCB taps provide power to the PCB. Our Flexible Printed Cable (FPC) is ideal where small centerline spacing makes larger wire-to-board interconnects impractical.

Pluggable IO Connectors & Cages :

This type of connector is engineered to accelerate data transmission between separate devices. Designed for speed, density, and flexibility as well as efficiency and standardization, our broad portfolio of pluggable input/output (I/O) connectors provide you with a reliable solution for improving the thermal performance of critical systems and signal integrity in communications applications.