Vickers M2U and M2-200 Series High Speed Vane Motors

Vickers M2U and M2-200 High Speed Vane Motors

These motors offer a combination of low cost, pressures to 138 bar (2000psi), speed to 2800 r/min, torque of2.0, 2.8 or 4.0 Nm/6.9 bar (18, 25 or 35lb. in./100 psi), flange or foot mounting, and choice of port locations.

Rotation of

M2U motors operate in one direction only, and rotation must be specified when ordering. Shaft rotation of M2-200 motors can be reversed simply by reversing the direction of flow through the motor ports.

Low-Speed Capability

Minimum speed can vary between 50 and 100 r/min, depending upon the motor size and characteristics of the driven load.


An economical, efficient and compact means of applying variable speed, and rotary hydraulic power, these motors have variable horsepower (constant torque) characteristics. They can be stalled under load without damage when protected by a relief valve.

Indirect Drive Capability

Rugged two-bearing construction permits motors to be used in direct or indirect drive installations. Indirect drive applications require approval by Vickers Engineering Department.

Feature and Benefits

Low-wear Design

Two internal inlet chambers are diametrically opposed as are two outlet chambers. This construction eliminates bearing loads resulting from pressure, a major cause of wear in designs without this feature.

Installation Flexibility

The motor’s cover can be assembled in different positions with respect to the body. To change the relative location of the ports, it is necessary only to remove four cover bolts and rotate the cover to the desired position. This allows optimum positioning to suit connecting piping.

High Efficiency

Optimum running clearances and hydraulic balance assure sustained high efficiency over the life of the motor.

Smooth Operation

The inertia of rotating parts is low ... parts are symmetrical, providing dynamic balance and freedom from vibration.


Nm/6,9 bar
(lb in/100 psi
cm³/r (in³/r)
Maximum speeds & pressuresApprox Weight
(Kg (lb)
M2U2,0 (18)21,6 (1.32)2800 r/min @ 138 bar (2000 psi)7,7 (17)
2,8 (25)25,4 (1.55)2500 r/min @ 138 bar (2000 psi)
4,0 (35)37,5 (2.292000 r/min @ 138 bar (2000 psi)
M2–2002,8 (25)24,7 (1.512200 r/min @ 138 bar (2000 psi)9,5 (21)
4,0 (35)35,4 (2.161800 r/min @ 121 bar (1750 psi)

Download Datasheet: Vickers M2U and M2-200 Series High Speed Vane Motors

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