Elmdene Manufacturer of Electronic Products

Established in 1963 with our manufacturing plant based in Portsmouth on the south coast of England, our range continues to grow with the introduction of new products designed to meet the changing needs of the industry, customers, and end users.

Our aim is simple: to provide customers with high-quality and innovative products backed by first-class and ongoing support, whenever our customers need it.

We are accredited with BS EN9001 for our quality management system and compliant with ISO 14001 for environmental management. We work to meet the requirements of quality and technical standards around the world. Elmdene International Limited is a world-class manufacturer of electronic products for the security, fire, access control, Intruder, and CCTV industries.

12V Power Supplies 

  • Access Control, 
  • Standby Power for Security, 
  • Intruder (EN50131-6 Approved),
  • etc

24V Power Supplies 

  • Access Control, 
  • Standby Power for Security, 
  • Fire, 
  • etc

Selectable Voltage Power Supplies 

  • Standby Power for Security

Power over Ethernet 

  • Accessories, 
  • CCTV, 
  • Access Control

Power Supply Accessories 

  • Fused Output Modules, 
  • Splitters, 
  • Relays


  • External UK, 
  • Internal UK, 
  • External Euro, 
  • etc

Detection and Hold Up 

  • Magnetic Contacts, 
  • Panic Buttons, 
  • Safe Limpets


  • Intruder, 
  • Access Control, 
  • Fire, 
  • etc


  • Lithium Battery Power

Ref: elmdene.co.uk