GD Engineering Pipelines & Pigging Solutions

About GD Engineering

Established in 1944, GD Engineering has gained a worldwide reputation for pioneering work in the design and manufacture of advanced pipeline access and pigging solutions. Serving the oil/gas, petrochemical, and industrial processing sectors, as well as the emerging bio-fuels industry, we are instrumental in helping our customers to maximize their investment in pipeline infrastructure by facilitating any necessary maintenance or upgrade work.

Our quick-opening closures enable rapid access (either vertically or horizontally) to vessels once they have been depressurized. This can be done without the need for any special tools, and while ensuring complete safety for field operatives through a series of proprietary protection mechanisms. These state-of-the-art closures are capable of dealing with even the highest levels of pressure.

Suitable for both onshore and offshore deployment, our pig signaling solutions allow the accurate monitoring of pigs/scrapers while carrying out cleaning or inspection activities, so that the precise location of any potential problems can be determined. These are accompanied by high-reliability pig launching systems, which are suitable for both surface level (topside) and sub-sea application scenarios, and do not impinge on the pipeline flow. All our products can be supported by comprehensive project-managed maintenance schemes.


The GD Engineering team of fully trained and experienced technicians and engineers has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and service of Scraper Traps for inserting cleaning tools into Onshore, Offshore, and Sub-sea oil/gas pipelines.

Operational maintenance costs through life can be reduced and efficiency increased with a Project Managed Maintenance Scheme, that is designed to function within existing operational commitments.

We can offer the complete onshore/ offshore inspection and maintenance service package for pipeline Pig Trap systems for all types of trap and closure manufacture. This can be set up and undertaken annually, or when necessary, a tailor-made Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Services Program can be established for individual systems, with detailed records of actual work carried out on-site by GD Engineering technicians kept as a permanent record.

These essential services include:

  • Maintenance and Refurbishment of Closures and Scraper Signaller
  • Seal Surface Refurbishment and Flange Face Machining
  • Interlock Systems Maintenance, Pig Trap Refurbishment
  • Modification and Trap Extensions
  • NDT Inspection
  • Wall Thickness Checking
  • Full After Sales Service and Spares Backup



  • Quick Opening Closure - Bandlock™ 2
  • High-Temperature Closure
  • Very Large Diameter Bandlock Closure
  • Flange Closures


  • Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller Devices
  • Scraper and Sphere Signalling - Hi-T Pigalert™

Pig Stop & Bypass (PSB) Mechanism For Multiple Pig Launchers

  • Multiple Pig Launching (MPL) Systems