Kofloc Acrylic Resin Flowmeter RK400 Series

This acrylic resin flow meter covers a wide flow range Two types, with and without a valve, are available. The flow meter integral with a transparent acrylic panel permits easy reading, making it ideal for water treatment systems, purge systems, and medical equipment.


• A variety of flow ranges
  Selection of desired flow range from a variety of flow ranges
• For measurement of water
  Long flow scales, easy reading of flow, and easy maintenance
• Low price
   Simple structure and low price
• Quick delivery

Kofloc Acrylic Resin Flowmeter RK400 Series | Specifications

Fluids: Water
Flow range:                                
  • 4-50cc/min
  • 10-120cc/min
  • 25-225cc/min
  • 40-400cc/min
  • 50-650cc/min
  • 100-1,500cc/min
  • 200-3,000cc/min
  • 300-3,700cc/min
Accuracy: FS±6%
Connection: Rc 1/4
Material Body: Acrylic resin
Material Joint: Stainless steel
Sealing material: FKM
Proof pressure: 0.7MPa
Temperature resistance: 65℃(MAX)